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Effects Of Abuse On Relationships

I wrote this during a time of deep depression. This poem was intended for my three siblings and myself, but I feel poems help to conquer the darkness. The abuse that we witnessed our mom (and ourselves) go through has caused long-term depression and suicidal thoughts in all of us. Writing poems helps to relieve the pain and sadness. I hope that anyone who has gone through any kind of abuse can learn to trust and love.

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Forever Stagnant In Our Minds


Published by Family Friend Poems August 2014 with permission of the Author.

Like an apple that has fallen from our tree,
my soul is rotting and I've taken you down with me. 
Deep in the emotions of my misery
are the feelings that cannot ever seem to be set free.
You could say others have had it worse than me,
but until you take a few steps in the worn out path of my misery,
with the burdens I've carried, only then can you unravel my mystery.
If only to stumble on shards of glass,
only then to empathize the pain that I stash.
The scars are always there, never to vanish,
never to be repaired.
The physical pain may have vanquished,
but the emotional pain will always lay stagnant in our mind,
always to remind us of our broken home.
The pain we endured through our childhood
made permanent cracks in the building blocks of our foundation,
leaving the ones who've moved into our life
to mend the cracks with their love,
to suffer the sometimes bitterness that was left behind,
forever in our minds.


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