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My family and friends used to call me an angel. Not for looks, but for the way I could always help someone out of their troubles, and the way that I could always keep a smile on my face. But the other night I couldn't. I realized that I tried my best to help other people with their problems just because I didn't want to deal with my own. I thought the only way I could tell people that was to write a poem. And this is what I came up with.

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I'm writing this because I am sad, down, and I scuffed my pride. Have you ever loved somebody, even though they did you wrong a million times? Sometimes it is better to hurt than be hurt,...

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Tear Stained Cheeks And Bloodshot Eyes

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Published by Family Friend Poems September 2008 with permission of the Author.

The angel lost her grace,
As mascara ran down her face.
She forgot love, remembered hate.
She no longer had her faith.

With tear stained cheeks,
Through bloodshot eyes,
She saw only pain and suffering.
Love, she couldn't conquer.

As the blue sky faded to black,
Darkness filled her heart.
Her wings vanished from her back,
And her kindness fell apart.

Even with all her might,
Her dress still went black from white.
She was sent to save,
To help those who weren't brave.

But as she looked around,
At the marks she left...
Tear stained cheeks,
And bloodshot eyes.


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  • Sandra C. by Sandra C., Staten Island, NY
  • 4 years ago

I'm writing this because I am sad, down, and I scuffed my pride. Have you ever loved somebody, even though they did you wrong a million times? Sometimes it is better to hurt than be hurt, people tell you. Here it is....he came in asking if I needed something. I said yes, and we carried on doing things we used to do together. Believe me, it felt like old times, me forgetting about the past, holding onto now, not knowing that I was painting my own picture. He goes into his son's room to lie down. I walked into the room and touched his leg, asking for him to join me in the next room so we could bring back old times. I should have tripped on something so I could have woken me up before his words did. His words stung my face as well as my heart. He told me no. A word that I never put in the same sentence as can you make love to me.

  • Sandra C. by Sandra C., Staten Island, NY
  • 4 years ago

When I wrote this, I was sad, but it helped me realize that people go in different directions. I hope it helps people who are saddened by the ones they love and not returning it back.
Sandra C.

  • Elizabeth by Elizabeth
  • 10 years ago

OMG!!!!!!.....tears instantly started falling . To know someone shares the same pain . I would do anything for anybody, even my worst enemy (which I say but I don't have one (a worst enemy , not even an enemy). I love my husband more them life itself but have a terrible feeling something is so wrong . Worst part is it's not now. It was a while back bit I think she contacted me. I didn't want to believe it because I love my husband and would do anything for him even die for him.
Just sucks to know someone could hurt you in that way when you try to do everything right .

  • Gina by Gina
  • 10 years ago

wow wow wow. Completely links to my feelings about past situations. I used to be such an angelic little girl I never done anything wrong, but when my parents split up I turned into such an awful person. I spoke to someone throughout the full time of it and they helped me so much, never told them any of it because I didn't want that negativity to affect that great positivity, but it did. After a few weeks I started having parties all the time and getting drunk and wrecking things, stopped speaking to members of my family for a while, thought I was too good for this person, thought I could do what I wanted, I wanted to hurt someone. I didn't care, thought they would come back. I was so evil to such a lovely person. And I will never stop missing them now.

  • Lisa by Lisa, Wales
  • 12 years ago

This has completely touched me because I do the exact same I help everybody else with their problems just so I don't have to cope with my own, it also touched because every now and again I realize that I'm helping everybody else and not myself so I break down and cry for about an hour, this poem has made me realize that I can't do this to myself anymore and that I need to help everyone else but most importantly help myself

  • Amy by Amy, Cheltenham
  • 13 years ago

This is completely like my day today, I always help my friends whenever there in need.. whereas with me, I cannot cope with my own problems..

  • Sarah by Sarah, Tennessee
  • 13 years ago

This touched me, because I used to be God's little angel, but now I'm sure I've sold my soul to the devil...

  • Hannah Watkins by Hannah Watkins, North Carolina
  • 14 years ago

This poem really touched me because I used to do the same thing. I always helped others with their problems, instead of trying to make mine better. I had a breakdown, just like she did, and I realized that I can't keep focusing on helping everyone else, I had to help myself

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