Crying Poem

Poem About Fears And Being Afraid

This is not dedicated to any particular person. I was feeling down and scared and decided to write this poem. I really hope that people understand where I am coming from. Everyone has fears and scars from being hurt.

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I understand what you say, and I want to say that I am going through the same thing this poem is about. Always being left behind by another, fearing that you are never good I am...

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My Fears


Published by Family Friend Poems February 2008 with permission of the Author.

Getting left behind
Not being loved
No one understanding
No one caring
Are my fears

I had a dream
I was lost
No one tried to
Find me
No one cared
No one listened
Or understood

Feeling left out
Feeling like no one
Feeling like no one
Can hear me
When I'm screaming
To be heard
Destructive behavior
I have

Wishing I could change
Wishing I could make it better
Wishing for another chance
Wishing for someone who
Will come and save me
From myself.

My fears
Not being heard
Being left behind
Not being understood
No one caring

How can I
Make people

Disappear from
This world
Show people what
It's like to
Worry, misunderstand
Not care.

My fears,
People laugh
People tease
People misjudge
People misunderstand
Behind my back,
They laugh,
So I can't see
them. It hurts.

I hide this
In my heart
Making sure
No one sees
My hurt,
Pretending to be
I'm not.

Trying so hard
To fit in
To cover the
Scars, trying
So hard
To be liked
By you.

My feelings
No regrets
Hoping no one
Resents me.

After my dream
I wondered...
What am I leaving
When I leave here?

The pain
I've caused, the hurt
The disappointments
The worries

Hoping now
People understand
People miss
People hear me
And others
Forgetting all,
All the pain, and hurt
I learned to hide
Buried deep in
My heart
No way out

My fears...are these...


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  • Shanice by Shanice
  • 4 years ago

It's such a lovely poem that really made me cry, and when I think about it, that's exactly how I feel. I sit at home all alone, longing to see your face. Sometimes I wonder, were we made for each other?

  • Shayler Bingham by Shayler Bingham
  • 6 years ago

As I sit in class on this sad, sad day, I dream of what could be with you and me. I sit in this class crying and dying about what we could be, you and me.

  • Finaz by Finaz
  • 7 years ago

I think this poem is so touching. It is how I feel exactly. Let's try our best to make it better.

  • RavenM by RavenM
  • 7 years ago

I understand what you say, and I want to say that I am going through the same thing this poem is about. Always being left behind by another, fearing that you are never good I am glad that many poets like you are showing how this really affects you with the rhythm and feeling of poetry. Keep it up and I will be hoping every day that you become a famous poet.

  • Ayeesha H by Ayeesha H
  • 7 years ago

This poem is the most emotional poem I've ever read. It just discusses an average teenager’s life!

  • KMM by KMM
  • 9 years ago

Why is my pain never ending? Am I no different from the rest? I am tired of searching for peace, God, why have you chosen to forsake me? Yes I made mistakes in my life some dumber than others but why have you not forgiven me? Haven't you punished me enough? I cry myself to sleep every night and day hoping, praying that you hear me, lord, I am tired l, I am tired of being tired. My enemies are rejoicing why do you let them taunt me like hyenas, Lord hear me, hear my cries. I am tired.

  • Enyssa  Weslaco by Enyssa Weslaco, Tx
  • 10 years ago

Every single word explains everything about me. No one cares for me no one understands me I always wished to disappear cause I know that will be the day everyone will care.

  • Marcel by Marcel, Toronto
  • 10 years ago

I understand what it is like to have these fears I have them every day whether I'm at home or at school the fears seem to follow me.

  • Noah by Noah, ON Canada
  • 11 years ago

I am 11 I am being bullied by some mean kids this poem is true about me. I'm like a little hobo living on the streets with no friends. :(

  • Krystal by Krystal, Shrveport La
  • 12 years ago

I'm 23 and my husband is 48 years old and we are married. I don't love him anymore because all we do is argue .and disrespect each other. he don't understand that I don't want too be with anymore. I have 4 kids and two of them isn't his and two are. I'm ready to be own my own again and not only that I'm not happy with him anymore. what should I do?

  • Jennifer by Jennifer, Corona CA
  • 14 years ago

this is seriously amazing, every line described what I am feeling to the T....when does it end? I don't want to go on unhappy for the rest of my life...I have soo much anger built up I don't know how I can ever be happy again.....

  • Nicky by Nicky
  • 14 years ago

I completely understand . We share these fears as I hide behind a mask so no one finds out fantastic poem.

  • Sarya by Sarya
  • 15 years ago

what an amazing poem.. and I am sure that the majority of readers can relate to you.. I know I do.. I know what it feels to be misunderstood.. misjudged .. not cared for.. never feeling happy with life.. always blaming yourself for other people's misbehaviors.. :(.. but that's life.. you can't let it put you down .. you put on a cheerful grin.. you fake your smile .. just to survive another day .. another bad decision..

  • Ashley by Ashley
  • 15 years ago

I feel so much like you. I mean when you cry you best believe everybody's going to make fun of you even if you are strong. One of these days your going to know what this feels like. :(

  • Taylor by Taylor
  • 15 years ago

Your poem was very well written. I understand your fears. They were once my fears as well. However, now I am not afraid of that happening because now it is my life. Your poem perfectly describes it. I hope my fate does not become yours.

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