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Poem On Overcoming Your Doubts And Being Free

This is about the doubts people have about themselves. We underestimate ourselves so much that eventually we begin to feel that we are nothing and have no purpose. We fall into an endless void of fear and pain. I will show you the outcome of breaking your silence and speaking out against your own uncertainties, screaming and shouting out that you are important. Once you have conquered your insecurities, only then will you experience the true tranquility of freedom in your own self.

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Published by Family Friend Poems January 31, 2023 with permission of the Author.

One day,
She will break her silence.
She will scream.
She will shout.
She will break down her walls.
She will drown the doubts in her mind,
Shatter the chains that bind her,
Burst through the ropes that pull her down.

One day,
She will sing her song,
Speak her words,
Paint her art.
She will lay in the shade of her trees.
She will sleep in the comfort of her night.
She will dream in the arms of her thoughts.

One day,
She will be free.


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