Aunt Death Poem

Poem On The End Of Suffering And Letting Go

I'd written this poem for my dear aunt for her funeral. I thought of her as a fragile little bird who sang to cheer everyone up while hiding her own sorrow. She had suffered both physically and emotionally in life before her untimely death at age 42. It was the first time I had lost someone dear, and it left me contemplating many aspects of death. I wondered if it was good that she had finally found peace, an out from her unhappy life; and yet I yearned to have her back.

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The Hummingbird Flew Away


Published by Family Friend Poems April 12, 2023 with permission of the Author.

End of her sufferings that stretched so long,
Yet all I can think of is a melancholy song.
And everyone's feeling the same sorrow,
For the day will start without her tomorrow.

We beg her to come back
And cry 'til our hearts crack.
But it is known - she is gone forever,
And eventually we'll have to move on.

But it's still disappointing in a way.
Couldn't she a bit longer stay?

I wonder if she could see us from above the cloud.
Oh, I can't stand this silence so loud.
I wish she'd sing once more to me,
But from such petty jobs, our hummingbird is free.

Now she has no bounds,
Nowhere near the ground.

But it won't be the same for us again.
Everyone's trying not to show their pain.
Someone's gotta be strong
When everything has gone wrong. 

I'm writing this with misty eyes,
'Cause I have always hated goodbyes.


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