Beauty of Nature Poem

The Beauty Of The Sky

The world has changed in so many ways that sometimes it's hard to find a positive. One thing that never changes is the beauty of the heavenly sky. It's here for all to see.

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Published: October 2019

I wonder if we realize
The gifts that we've been given,
The endless flow of beauty
Bestowed on us by heaven.

A rainbow arcing 'cross the skies
Shares its radiant hues,
While clouds that tumble here and there
Portray fantastic views.

Nighttime's filled with countless stars,
Each shares a twinkling light
While the moon rotates in glory
As it travels throughout the night.

Those who welcome early dawn
See beauty unsurpassed.
The evening sun surrenders day,
Its glowing lights amassed.

It's there for everyone to share,
To benefit thereby.
A beauty that is freely given
To those who look up at the sky.



Words have always been an important part of my life. My mother taught to read before I started school and coached me through winning spelling contests. I had to learn the meaning of the words, too. I've written books and articles for Salesian Inspirational Mission, Chicken Soup for the Sister's Soul, for newspapers and magazines, but receiving comments from all over the world because of Family Friend Poems has been my greatest pleasure. Knowing my words inspired, amused, and comforted is a great blessing. I will be 100 years old next year and have been fortunate to have been able to keep busy writing poems and creating crossword puzzles - over 1500. I will see what the future brings.

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