Beauty of Nature Poem

The Beauty Of The Sky

I am always awed by how delicately beautiful the sky is. There's something about it that makes me feel hopeful, that makes me feel like despite everything, it will all be okay in the end.

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Ethereal Skies

Meghan L Wong © more by Meghan L Wong

Published: August 13, 2020

It's ethereal,
the way the sky paints itself.

Some days,
it is a crystal blue,
clear and serene,
As if spring had come and never left.

Some days,
it is a raging gold and orange,
fierce and brave,
as if passion itself was set ablaze.

And some days,
it is a mournful grey,
somber and morose,
as if weeping for the world it looks upon.

But I love those skies
that look like they're singing you a lullaby.

Those skies that glow with the spectrum
after troubled storms.
Those velvet skies
that are hued with shades that exist
outside our meager imagination.
Those ethereal skies
that make me think
of cherry blossoms and butterflies.

And when I stop for a moment
to look up at the heavens,
I am filled with wonder.
Because these skies,
they fill me with hope
and reignite those romanticized ideals
that have run aground
in the sands of tedium and monotony.

And I know that someday
when this world is gone and washed away,
these skies will still remain
with our wishes painted on.


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