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Growing Old And Going Bald

I started to lose my hair when I was just nineteen, which made me feel like I was losing my locks, my looks, and my manhood. Having children though made me realize that it didn't matter if I was bald, had spots, or anything worse. Love is unconditional, and my children loved me for who I was and not what I looked like. As a granddad now well into my 50s, I can confirm that it's what's on the inside that matters, and I'm perfectly happy not having to comb my hair.

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Granddad's Got Hair


Published: November 24, 2018

Granddad's got hair on his fingers,
Hair on his toes,
Hair in his ears,
Hair up his nose.
His chest has got more hair than a course front door mat.
His back has got more hair than next door's tom cat.

Granddad's head is silky and smooth,
Not a solitary bristle.
Smooth as a baby's bum,
Clean as a whistle.
Some say a snooker ball has got more hair,
But his beard hides a smile that says, "I just don't care."

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