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Precious Memories

How dull life would be without our memories for company. For some, memories are all they have.

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Hi Laurie, I know what you're experiencing with your Mom. My Mom has Parkinson's and Dementia. This year her memory has gotten very bad. She imagines things that don't exist, at times forgets...

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Memory Album

John P. Read © more by John P. Read

Published by Family Friend Poems November 2019 with permission of the Author.

​Memories are life's special moments
Borrowed from the passing of time.
Ghosts and shadows from bygone days,
Etched and stored inside our mind.

Our minds are a memory album
Where the past and present meet,
Memories we lovingly cling to
That make the heart skip a beat.

Some we would like to forget.
Some we love to treasure.
Some memories become precious gifts
That live on forever and ever.

Yes, memories are precious moments,
And I have quite a few,
The memories I treasure the most
Are those I made with you.



John Peter Read was born in the East End of London in 1948. He was brought up by his Nan and mother, as his father left home when he was 5 years old. At the age of 15, John left school with just a basic education. While in school, he wrote little rhymes just for fun. A couple of his religious poems were published by the Christian church in...

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Very moving, brother John. May your memories live on and on... Sis Beryl

Hello, I think your poem, "Memory Album," is wonderful; it's a poem for everyone, young & old, all walks of life. I love the lines

Ghost and shadows of bygone days,
Etched and stored inside our minds!

I recently lost my youngest son, a few years ago, although it always seems like yesterday. I thank God for the precious memories we have with him of him. I just wanted to say I really loved your poem. Sincerely, Patricia Cisco

An beautiful poem, brother John. Without our memory, what'd we do...

There's perfection in reflection
A glorious comeback
Where everything is beautiful
In memories of the past.

I just hope my memory doesn't fade, sister Beryl. It would be like living in a wilderness of confusion.

  • Laurie Munro by Laurie Munro
  • 3 years ago

My mom has dementia and is in a nursing home. I have been calling her every day since the coronavirus shut down visits. Because of her dementia, sometimes conversation can be hard. I have been reading her poems off of this website daily. She enjoys them greatly and is now asking for her poem every day. Thank you so much for bringing joy to an old woman in a nursing home!

  • Myrta by Myrta
  • 2 years ago

Hi Laurie, I know what you're experiencing with your Mom. My Mom has Parkinson's and Dementia. This year her memory has gotten very bad. She imagines things that don't exist, at times forgets people's names and she thinks she lives somewhere else. She gets very frustrated with herself when she can't remember. There are times she'll call me crying and very anxious because she can't remember or put sentences together. I miss the person she really is. I miss our long talks. We would talk for hours and laughed a lot. She was a great cook and the best Mom anyone could have. Soon she won't remember me nor our family and all I'll have is the memories of our past days. It breaks my heart to see her like this. Be patient with Mom. Talk to her and tell her you love her. Remember this is not your Mom, it's this terrible disease that takes over a person's memory and forces them to exist alone in another place. My prayers are with you.

Hi Laurie, so sorry to hear your mum has dementia. It's so sad to see a loved one suffer this way. If poetry gives her joy, carry on reading, and give her my love, Laurie.

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