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Spending Time In Nature During The Pandemic

This is a story about how during a pandemic, my mind took a dark turn. I was feeling depressed, helpless, and did not know what to do. So one day I took a scenic drive. I just wanted to be with nature, to clear my head. Once I did that, I once again felt happy and I felt a restoration of my freedoms. I learned that even in the darkest times, there is still light in life.

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Published by Family Friend Poems November 2020 with permission of the Author.

I awoke to a pestilence, a pandemic across the nations,
Feeling anxiety, fear, and seeing massive condemnation,

Thinking, pondering, how could anyone thrive?
With the chaos and madness, how can anyone survive?

Anger, seething anger, began to fill my head,
Invading me mind with angst and consuming it with dread.

Wondering, praying, how do I eradicate this pain?
Is there something, anything, to alleviate my mental strain?!

Out of my abode I went, deciding to take a drive,
Thinking maybe, just maybe, I might again feel alive.

With me I took no maps, nor did I take a known route,
For just driving straightforward might be my way out.

Yet, anger still consumed me, keeping me depressed and blue,
Maybe I should turn around; NO, that is the last thing I should do.

So, drive through the forest I go, I began to see green.
Suddenly, and abruptly I felt peace, and it was oh so serene.

Driving on I went, down a road I did not know,
Feeling relieved, for my mind had found a more positive place to go.

Continuing my drive, just the earth and me,
I once again felt happy and once again felt free.


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