I'm Sorry Love Poem

I'm Sorry Poem From Husband To Wife

I am nobody special, a middle-aged man from England who has put his lover through a very hard time - business is failing and money is tight. We are expecting a child and are scared that it will be badly disabled like our son. We've no money, debts are rising, and I've been very stressed, taking this out on her. I couldn't find any suitable poems on the web, so I thought I'd write my own to let her know that, although she is just one person in the world, to one person she is the world.

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After reading this poem I knew I couldn't find better words to explain how I feel and how sorry I am to my wife for putting her second and ignoring her. Hope with this she can see that I do...

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I Am Sorry


Published by Family Friend Poems May 2011 with permission of the Author.

Every time I see the pain in your eyes,
A little part of my heart dies.
No matter how hard and how often you try,
All I seem to do is make you cry.

You risk so much and take such chance
To share your heart and your romance.
You share your hopes and dreams and fears
And let me in to all that's dear.

All I seem to do is be mean and cold,
To fail to cherish, fail to hold.
I seem to fail to put you first.
You act your best; I am my worst.

My mouth contradicts my heart.
My actions and thoughts so far apart.
I love you with every part of me,
Yet act so cruel and thoughtlessly.

I dream of you all night and day
And hang on every word you say,
Yet all you see is selfishness and arrogance,
Casual disdain and ignorance.

Assumption and judgment and everything's a test.
No matter what you do, you're always second best.
No matter how hard you try, it's never enough.
I never hear your protestations of love.

I say I love you and cherish all of our dreams,
Yet act as if I can't hear your screams
Of need and want and stability and trust.
My plans never materialize, my promises rust.

I scream at myself at how stupid I am
For risking your love, for risking your hand,
And I pray every day that you never see
That I need you more than you need me.

I bare my heart and my soul to you
To say sorry for what I did and for what I do.
I have no excuses and hide no more.
All I can offer is my love for evermore.


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  • K.Wasburn by K.Wasburn
  • 6 months ago

This poem is all my words failed to give my husband, stressed and overwhelmed, carried resentment from the past made this a heartfelt and deeply needed share with my very gentle and kind heart with which I am blessed to have at my side.

  • Rebecca McIntyre by Rebecca McIntyre
  • 3 years ago

I know I am young, but I was in a relationship that I always felt like I was doing something wrong all the time, but I was not. I didn't know how to say sorry, and this was the place I went to and it helped out a lot. Now I am out of that relationship, but this helped me a lot.

  • Joseph Bongivonni by Joseph Bongivonni
  • 4 years ago

Reading this poem, I realized it is everything I wished I could say to my wife for all that I have put her through. Through it all, she has been by my side, and a more beautiful poem could not express my feelings more.

  • N Ybarra by N Ybarra
  • 4 years ago

This is beautiful. I am truly at a loss for words. It was perfect.

  • Casperkey by Casperkey
  • 5 years ago

Can’t explain what this means to me. I've always tried to tell my wife how I feel even though I act the way I do. When I try to explain, I make it worse. Amazing how this poem is like I wrote it about my relationship. Just simply amazing.

  • Audrey Thomson by Audrey Thomson
  • 7 years ago

Your poem was lovely, and your mum knows you don't mean it. You're her world. I have 3 boys, and they say hurtful things all the time.

  • Joseph Diaz by Joseph Diaz
  • 7 years ago

After reading this poem I knew I couldn't find better words to explain how I feel and how sorry I am to my wife for putting her second and ignoring her. Hope with this she can see that I do and still truly love her and that I wish to change for her. I want to be the man again that made her happy. Thank you for so such a toughing poem.

  • Jennifer by Jennifer, Montana
  • 10 years ago

When I read this poem it was like me. I treat my husband the same way, He treats me so good and everything, he does everything for me. Yet I treat him so bad. I don't want him to see that I need him more then he needs me...

  • Tamara by Tamara
  • 10 years ago

Reading this poems makes me think of my husband and all the hurt and pain that I have caused him it's like I was reading my own words.. this is a really great poem and I wish I could express myself like this through a poem to him.

  • Jason by Jason
  • 11 years ago

Yeah man, this poem is so touching. It reminds me of me and my girlfriend. <3 Whenever we had a fight, I would always put the blame on her and even if I knew it was my fault. I feel bad for putting her through this and I think I'm gonna write her this poem. I love her so much and baby nothing can come between us no more. I love you and I'm sorry for what I put you through. I just hope you can forgive me cause I don't wanna do this anymore. ily babe <3<3<3<3

  • Kissimmee Fl by Kissimmee Fl
  • 11 years ago

This reminds me of me and my husband we have six kids things gets rough and I guess I always say things I don't mean I'm sorry and I love you

  • Manish by Manish, Phoenix
  • 12 years ago

This is a beautiful poem to express your thoughts and seek forgiveness. I always want to see my wife happy but there is something or the other constantly running in her mind due to which she is always tensed. I always tell to forget and LIVE life as if these issues never existed because today or tomorrow they will fade off or get resolved. But I am never able to express that well to her and end up disturbing her more. I would like to admit sorry to her and want her to always be happy.

  • Marlina M. by Marlina M.
  • 12 years ago

When I read this poem it reminded me of me and my boyfriend I keep hurting him and he gets mad at me and he doesn't believe me and I'm telling the truth but he thinks I'm lying and I don't w what to do. He won't even talk to me but I'm going to write him this and maybe he'll forgive me ily baby <3

  • Tara by Tara, Little Falls
  • 12 years ago

I have been fighting with my mother every day this past week about stupid things and I hate seeing her cry for an hour or two. She can't take dealing with me anymore or me living with her she told me to get my s*it and get out. I watched her heart break in a million peaces and she dropped to the floor and cried when I shut the front door. Then ten minutes later I walked back in the house went up stairs and she was sleeping so I climbed in her bed and fell asleep next to her.

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