Beauty of Nature Poem

Poem About My Longing For Nature

I wrote this poem one night to describe how much I'm missing nature and the mountians.

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I Long For The Wild


Published: December 2015

I long for the wild
To feel the wind upon my skin like a thousand soft kisses,
it's fingers through my hair like a passionate lover.
I long for the wild
The sweet smell of pine, dirt under my feet,
Quakies, quivering, as their branches dance on the breeze.
I long for the wild
The roar of a river,
the sound of water making love to the shore line.
I long for the wild
To lay upon velvety grass, bathing in the soft glow of moonlight,
gazing up at the stars, to feel small.
I long for the wild
It calls to me like a mother calls her child to come home.

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