Spiritual Poem about Death

I Lost My Nephew

I lost my nephew in June of 2006. He was skateboarding and didn't put a helmet on. He hit his head, and he was gone 24 hours later. He was my sister's only child. She often says that she isn't a mother anymore. Please put a helmet on your child. He was 16 when he passed. We still have sorrow! It doesn't go away. If you have a child who skateboards, put a helmet on them please!

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I love your poem. It's beautiful and it touched me.

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His Words Set Me Free


Published by Family Friend Poems August 2008 with permission of the author.

I've held it in
Not sure why
But I've not been able to cry

He left so quick
I didn't have much time
Suddenly, he wasn't mine

I wasn't ready
To let him go
So if I cried, it would be so

I still had things to do
His wash, his games, his toys
The messy room of a boy

But suddenly
As I sat to wait
For him to come home through the garden gate

It struck me that he was gone
That he had died
And I began to cry

And I saw the angels
They were flying by
With my child in the sky

Give him back
I shouted out
But they just flew about

I fell to the ground
I challenged the Lord
Then I begged and read His Word

How can I live
When my life has just gone
How can I go on?

And then I hated
I blamed them all
For my child shouldn't have heard the call

While I lay there
In such pain
I heard a voice who called my name

"I do not know sadness
And I do not know hate
Most of all, I do not question my fate

Stand up, Mother
And very tall
I wasn't taken, I heard the call!"

So I got up
I turned around
And there was no one to be found

And so it was time to cry
'Cause I heard his voice
And it was also time to rejoice

"I wasn't taken, I heard the call"
He said to me
And it set me free


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  • Brittany Rivera by Brittany Rivera
  • 8 years ago

I love your poem. It's beautiful and it touched me.

  • Izani by Izani, belize
  • 8 years ago

My sister lost her first baby when he was 1 month and 2 weeks, he was born premature. Her second baby died inside her, she had to have a C-section to remove the baby, she was a baby girl. It was sad to see my sister loose two babies . Time passes by and life goes on.

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