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I Lost My Nephew

I lost my nephew in June of 2006. He was skateboarding and didn't put a helmet on. He hit his head and 24 hours after he was gone. He was my sisters only child. She often says that she isn't a mother anymore. Please put a helmet on your child. He was 16 when he passed and would have been 18 in a few days. We still have sorrow! It doesn't go away. If you have a child who skateboards put a helmet on them please!!!!

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I love your poem. It's beautiful and it touched me.

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His Words Set Me Free


Published: August 2008

I've held it in
Not sure why
But I've not been able to cry

He left so quick
I didn't have much time
Suddenly, he wasn't mine

I wasn't ready
To let him go
So if I cried, it would be so

I still had things to do
His wash, His games,  His toys
The messy room of a boy

But suddenly
As I sat to wait
For him to come home through the garden gate

It struck me that he was gone
That he had died
And I began to cry

And I saw the angels
They were flying by
With my child in the sky

Give him back
I shouted out
But they just flew about

I fell to the ground
I challenged the Lord
Then I begged and read His Word

How can I live
When my life has just gone
How can I go on?

And then I hated
I blamed them all
For my child shouldn't have heard the call

While I lay there
In such pain
I heard a voice who called my name

"I do not know sadness
And I do not know hate
Most of all, I do not question my fate

Stand up Mother
And very tall
I wasn't taken I heard the call!"

So I got up
I turned around
And there was no one to be found

And so it was time to cry
Cause I heard his voice
And it was also time to rejoice

"I wasn't taken I heard the call"
He said to me
And it set me free



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  • Brittany Rivera by Brittany Rivera
  • 5 years ago

I love your poem. It's beautiful and it touched me.

  • Izani by Izani, belize
  • 5 years ago

My sister lost her first baby when he was 1 month and 2 weeks, he was born premature. Her second baby died inside her, she had to have a C-section to remove the baby, she was a baby girl. It was sad to see my sister loose two babies . Time passes by and life goes on.

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