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End Of Marriage

Is the marriage over? Written in regards to my husband, Cameron D. Terry.

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Very touching and so sad as well. May Almighty God guide you wherever you are and you go according to His will.

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Published: March 2008

As I sit alone in my room tonight,           
It sure is a change from the same old fight.   
I want to be held and loved tonight,
To share all my dreams with the man who lost sight.
Hold on or let go, I need to decide.
But oh, how I wish you were here by my side.
Changes have come and loneliness fades
When I learn to accept the choices we made.
My dreams have been shattered and nightmares occur
When I drive past the home that you always called yours.
I've experienced pleasure and got to know pain.
The women involved has made me insane.
The love that I had has turned into pain.
A man will appear, whom I won't have to blame.
The tears soon will pass, as God pulls me near.
The lessons are taught, and soon should be clear.
Be happy and helpful, and hold your head high
Because sooner or later we must say goodbye.
Be honest in life and flowers will bloom.
Remember me always and erase all the gloom
Because life is a treasure that will shine like the moon.


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  • Elvis by Elvis
  • 2 years ago

Very touching and so sad as well. May Almighty God guide you wherever you are and you go according to His will.

  • Rose Pasquale by Rose Pasquale, Nova Scotia
  • 10 years ago

This poem was exactly what I needed to send to my ex-husband whom I have been separated from for 2 years. I needed to end our marriage with positive words and this poem said it all how I felt. Now, I could look back on my marriage and see the good and not the bad and I hope my ex-husband will see it the same way as I do. It's not easy being separated and ending a marriage. We feel like failures for a short time but then we know that God has better plans for our lives and our contract with our spouse has ended and leaves us clear to share our lives with the next person who will enter our lives. Now, we are smarter and wiser and know exactly what to look for in our next partner with God's help and be it his will.

Psychologically, it has made me clear that our marriage is finally over and just wish each other the best and now it is time to move on with our lives.


  • steph by steph
  • 13 years ago

it's hard...I've too gone through separation this year...about to divorce. So many say, it will get better. Stay strong in your faith and be true to yourself and let go of what "was" and live for what "is" :) best wishes and my prayers are with you.

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