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Poem About Multiple Personalities

This poem is a humorous poem, but I really wanted to capture more than laughs. Mankind is a strange creature. Not even the animals we keep caged or avoid are as destructive as the human race can be.

No other species has the disease, the evil, the love, the hate, the knowledge, the devastation, the resources, the mind, the thoughts, the capability. No other animal would throw their life away like so many humans have. Yet, no other animal has never accomplished so much? Or have they?

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If Four Is A Party, This Is A Parade


Published by Family Friend Poems May 2014 with permission of the Author.

I have one too many personalities.
I don't know which one is really me,
So if I'm nice at first and then I'm mean,
You just met Sally and then met Steve.

Yes, it's strange, but don't be alarmed,
Steve and Sally cause no harm,
Neither does Sarah, or Sammy, or Stu,
But Darwin and Devin and David sure do.

Be cautious around us,
The villains I named,
You won't know who's who,
We all look the same.

Half of us would hug you,
And falsely reminisce,
But half of us will kill you,
So in this cell we sit.


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