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Getting Older Is SO HARD!

A poem for all of us who say who our favorite musician is, only to have the kids say..."Who???" For those of us who remember rotary phones and black and white TV.

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A Geezer's Gripings

Rick W. Cotton © more by Rick W. Cotton

Published by Family Friend Poems November 2017 with permission of the Author.

I'm getting older, nature deems.
I'm coming apart at the seams.
The things that never hurt before
Now multiply, make more and more.

My hair is thinning, or could it be
Just relocating here on me?
Down my back and out my ears
'Tis true! Oh horrid, horrid years!

My teeth were once all mine, oh, yes!
And stayed in place, in permanence!
And now, like stars, they're out at night
(And why do my pants fit oh so tight?)

My hawk-like vision has relented.
Glasses this has circumvented.
I can still see, more or less,
But down at the DMV.....I guess!

There are advantages, I'm told
To all us geezers getting old.
Like discount coffee, oh that's great!
(If we can get out of bed by eight.)

But still we soldier bravely on
And moan and groan with each new dawn.
For it's a good thing that we see
The grass from the side that still is green!



Rick is often staring out the window at the color of the leaves, or the clouds, or the blue of the sky. He's a hopeless romantic, loves old movies and music, and special times. He cannot abide rap, liver and onions, reality TV, and shopping malls. Rick has a lovely wife, a fat cat, and a taste for BBQ.

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