Depression Poem

Wanting To Be Someone Else

I love poetry. It's a way for me to get out of my head. I suffer from PPD, depression, anxiety, and social anxiety, My goal is to put these emotions into poetry. Many have these disorders, so if you relate, I'm sorry.

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If Only It Were Me

Trinity A Chavez ©

Published by Family Friend Poems October 8, 2022 with permission of the Author.

The wind blows
The sun shines
The grass grows
The air smells of pines
If only it were mine -
The halls are loud
The building is cold
The people walk proud
The kids are bold
If only it were me - 
The days are long
The week is hard
The answer was wrong
The kids put up their guard
If only it wasn't me -
I want to be open
I want to be happy
I hate being broken
I hate acting sadly
The walls, they glare at me
The words jump off the pages
The stares get heavy
The building is a cage
Trapping me
Trapping us
Holding us here as if they're scared we'll leave
If only people could understand me
Then maybe, just maybe
The days wouldn't be so lengthy
So hard
So scary
So difficult
Because that is me -
Something I don't want to be


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