Falling in Love Poem

If Only She Knew

I created this poem purely out of feeling. I was falling in love with this girl. It took a long time for me to tell her how I felt, and my poem here is exactly how I was feeling about her.

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Thanks for sharing this poems with us. I felt like I was reliving my memories with my first love.

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If Only


Published: July 2012

She has her own special way
Of turning around my terrible day
She makes all the bad things go away
The second that she says hey

And when I look into her eyes
I see pure beauty with no disguise
Just a glance at her makes my heart beat rise
I know for a fact that these feelings aren't lies

If only she knew
How much my love for her grew
Maybe, just maybe we could start something new

And if beauty was inches, she'd go on for miles
I better catch her before I go out of style
I'm going to let my heart be my dial
So I can tell her what I've been feeling for awhile.



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  • 4 months ago

Thanks for sharing this poems with us. I felt like I was reliving my memories with my first love.

  • by Suicidal Bitch, Jersey City, NJ
  • 11 months ago

This poem was just perfection, it was beautiful. It really made me relive my first love. It made me relive those special moment's and memories we shared. It made me think that love does exist it isn't just something you make up to make people feel better or nicer about themselves. Thank you for sharing your talent with everyone, and making them feel and relive all of those same butterflies they felt with that other person, when their hearts would glow every time they heard their name or spoke to them. That's what this poem makes me think and feel, one of my favorites ever, I love it, because those times are priceless, you can't get them back but you can always remember them with a smile across your face, your first kiss, first time, first love, first everything, that is what I felt when I read that beautiful poem. Many people are scared to write this much in a comment or to share their story which is totally understandable but I feel it's a great way to express all of your feelings.

  • by Nolan Cox
  • 1 year ago

This is just perfect. When reading this, I felt like I was reliving my time asking a girl out on a date.

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