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Within two years, my husband and I both lost parents, him a dad and myself my mom. I wrote a poem called "If You See My Dad In Heaven." It became popular, so I wrote one about my mom. It's very good therapy to express and write about your loved ones. You remember all the beautiful reasons you loved them so much.

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My Mom passed away about 2 weeks ago. This poem really struck home. When I go through her pictures, I get teary eyed. I love my mom. She is the core of my family. Now being in heaven, I know...

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If You See My Mom In Heaven

Jac Judy A. Campbell © more by Jac Judy A. Campbell

Published by Family Friend Poems November 2017 with permission of the Author.

If you see my mom in heaven,
She won't be hard to find.
She's God's masterpiece of
She's unique and one of a kind.

She'll be the one with the prettiest
Her angel wings she wears with pride,
And as she reaches out to greet you,
You'll see the twinkle in her eyes.

She'll be digging in God's flower beds,
Gathering flowers as she goes.
She'll pick a single flower bouquet:
The beauty of God's red rose.

She'll be playing with the smallest angels,
Singing joyful games upon her knee,
Or maybe writing words of wisdom,
Or reciting a poem or three.

She's with her mom and dad now,
Embracing them lovingly or
Visiting with her long-lost friends,
Chatting so happily.

She'll be God's strongest angel.
No more burdens will she bear.
She'll stroll about with strength and grace,
Kneeling with God in prayer.

So if you see my mom in heaven,
Will you take care of her for me?
Place a kiss upon her cheek,
And hug her just for me.

You see, she was my special mom,
The truest friend she was to me.
She taught me all about our God
And the love he had for me.

She's my royal queen of mothers.
She'll wear her very own crown.
She'll sit and share God's golden
Throne in God's beautiful
Heavenly home.

Interview with Top Poet Jac Judy A. Campbell

  • What is a favorite memory you have of your mom?
    My favorite memory of my mother is that she always took the time to rock, sing, hold, and love her children.
  • Where do you find your writing inspiration?
    There are two writing inspirations. One is my husband. He is a romantic, and he is always saying cute sentences or silly quotes. I then put them in a poem. The other inspiration is a memory will come, and I will feel a heart jiggle and I'll start writing.
  • How does your spirituality influence your writing?
    My spirituality influences my writing by listening to my preacher and researching the scriptures. It's hard to describe sometimes, just pure heart feelings.
  • What is your favorite experience that has resulted from being published on Family Friend Poems?
    My experience from Family Friend Poems is that I started reading some of the beautiful poems, and that encouraged me to start putting my poems out there so others will benefit and enjoy my writings.

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Thanks, Diane. I'm glad you enjoyed this poem. The only hope we have after they pass is that they are peaceful and content.
Jac Judy Campbell

  • Diane Vander Heyden by Diane Vander Heyden
  • 3 years ago

My Mom passed away about 2 weeks ago. This poem really struck home. When I go through her pictures, I get teary eyed. I love my mom. She is the core of my family. Now being in heaven, I know that she is at peace. Thank you for the poem.

So sorry about your mother. It is hard, but the memories are what we cherish and keep us connected to the ones we lose. Thanks for reading.

Very touching words. I can picture my mum in heaven pottering about in a garden bed and chatting with a disciple or two. Very well-deserving of every vote.

Thanks, Raelene, for reading and enjoying this poem, Yes, realizing and accepting the fact our mothers are peaceful and content is worth all the hurt of missing them. Blessings!
Jac Judy Campbell

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