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New Year Message

I wanted to write a Happy New Year message in the form of a poem in a playful way - something original that would inspire and motivate. I also wanted to use a style using each line to start with the next letter of "Happy New Year" so that vertically it will read Happy New Year. After two years of the pandemic, people are feeling a bit tired and frustrated. I wanted to bring some positivity and cheer. (Note: In the last stanza, replace 2022 with the upcoming year in the future).

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In You, I Believe


Published by Family Friend Poems December 2021 with permission of the Author.

Happiness be with you this coming year,
And may all your problems just disappear.
Passion be with you as your guiding light,
Pushing you to reach ever greater height.
You be kind in the new year, to help those in need,

No place in your heart for cruelty or greed.
Empathy and kindness be your calling card,
When there is a call for help, may you work hard.

Year of 2022, it will soon come ringing,
Eagerly you wait for a new beginning.
Attitude is anew, with goals to achieve,
Rejoice in holidays; in you, I believe.


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