Just Friends Poem

Poem It Hurts To Be Just Friends

This is about a friend who I had fun with, and then when he met someone, I realized it hurt too much for it to be just friends. When I told him about this, his reaction was one of it should have been prevented. It is about rejection when there was no one to reject, and loss when there was nothing to loose.

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Never Enough


Published by Family Friend Poems August 2008 with permission of the Author.

Ten years too early or ten too late.
Seven hours before or seven after.

The looks you gave would still hold  the same meaning.
The touches you gave would still give the same tremble.
The safety you gave would still hold the greatest of temptations.

Shorter or taller
Thinner or fatter

The words you spoke would still make me feel the same.
The words you type would still fill me with anticipation.
The words you didn't say would still be there between us.

Never enough, but too much
Special, but not special enough.

The words I heard were clear, this was to be avoided.
The actions you made were clear, we were just fun until you met someone special.
The hurt I felt was my own, I had met and meant special.

Not needing more, but needing something.
Not needing forever, but needing what we had.

Friends are forever the greatest of compliment.

Goodbye kisses, and the pulse at your neck.
Goodbye stroking your cheek, and face.
Goodbye chest with your strong heartbeat.

Hello to your new love and potential, to your someone special, to your gaining everything.
Hello to my old position, to your special friend, to my loosing everything...

Because all I am, and all I will be, is an old friend.


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