Hurting Poem

Life After Love

A man who has been hurt by love thinks about whether life is worth living without it.

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The Dead Reborn

© more by Sagar Yadav

Published: December 2007

There is nothing to live for in this world.
You tell me of love - I have seen it all .

Just like the water flowing in rivers
Comes and goes - love is that fever.
Love is that feeling which when reigns
Kills you silently, showing no signs,
Nothing to live for in this world.
You talk of love - I have seen it all.

I don't know - why did I choose love?
There are thousand more ways to die in this world.
Nothing to live for in this world.
This is what my friend had told.

I had seen my friend after many days
Though I couldn't recognize him - but his was a familiar face
We both were sitting in a beer bar
I drank two kegs so far
...Nothing to live for in this world
You talk of love - I have seen it all.

His heart - broken - which he could not bear
The world he was seeing - he had everything to fear
I was keeping quiet, listening carefully
Every bit of what he was saying

In my heart I was praying
Understanding the situation he was going through
Unfortunate. Very unfortunate, but unfortunately true

For once in life - I had been through the same
In his voice I could feel abyssal pain
Hearing it, as did mine - anyone's eyes would rain.
He got up from his place and wiped my tears.
What a gentleman he was, I will remember for years.

We think the world is only that much as we have seen
We define life as through which we have been.
Look around the bar - there are so many happy people.
Love is to live for in this world,
And there are things more - let's find them all.

He smiled. I smiled. We both smiled.
A lot of my time this bar had spoiled.
I had to go now - the door was at bar's other end
I got up and turned my back towards my friend
Before I would start, something caught my mind
I turned to look again at my good friend.

Across the table, he was still smiling, looking towards my side
I recognized my friend in the bar at last
Who was that friend - in case you may ask...?

He was no one but me myself - a piece of my life from my past
I was reborn that very moment, and so I could smile
Love is to live for in this world
And there is much more - let's find them all.


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