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Poem About Giving Up Or Pushing Forward

Suicide has always been a haunting ghost in my mind. An easy way out or great escape? I have battled the fight most of my life. I actually wrote this after cutting my wrist in a mental hospital. But it has become one of my favorites. Mainly because I was willing to take my last breath but instead was given more life. It isn't intended to promote suicide but to give insight into the mind of someone who has contemplated it. Good vs evil. Heaven and hell. Giving up or pushing forward.

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Thanks for sharing this. It really touches the life I have now.

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Life Is An Illusion

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Published: July 2015

Surrounded by people yet all alone
Trapped within this solitary zone
A world where chaos and hate overtake
Every bit of happiness that may try to escape
Laughter and smiles never seem to last
Because I am haunted by memories of my past
Running the distance with nowhere to go
These are the days of my life, a Broadway show
Screaming for help, does anyone hear
The demons of death are coming so near
Echoes in my head tormenting me all day long
Breaking the woman who was once very strong
What does serenity mean anyway
Is it the swag in my step or just the words I say
Deep rooted evil no time for a soul mate
Wondering why joy is always a day late
Suicide is the easy answer many times I've tried
Happiness seems to be the tears I have cried
Unable to distinguish what's real from what's fiction
Hope is an illusion, an optimist's prediction
What will it take to get me right
A visit from the devil on a lonely night
Angels prepare to battle and take a stand
To remind me of their holy land
When I want to give up, they push for me to be strong
In my head I hear their harmonious song
A tranquil state I now find myself
Dealing with the hand in which I was dealt
Good vs evil, what does it really mean
Am I dirty when I appear to be clean
Life is an illusion a constant mind trick on me
Who knows what my fate will be
Heaven and hell are both fair game
Will I succumb to peace or fall down in shame
Surrounded by people yet all alone
Trapped within this solitary zone



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  • Geofrey Eleuter by Geofrey Eleuter
  • 5 months ago

Thanks for sharing this. It really touches the life I have now.

  • Regina M. Elliott by Regina M. Elliott
  • 3 years ago

Through the love of God and His angels who travel the universe to assist us especially in our hour of need. I've been hearing angels singing in my home for the past few years. God is with us, a very real presence.

  • Kat by Kat, Chicago
  • 4 years ago

Thank you for sharing this perspective. It sounds like you found God, now press on.

  • Scarr Thelostone by Scarr Thelostone, Woking, Surrey UK
  • 4 years ago

Thank you for sharing this. Feelings like those you write about here are no stranger to me, and haven't been for many years. I am currently battling these kinds of thoughts again, and I feel like I'm losing. This poem really resonates with me. I hope you are doing much better now.

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