War Poem

The Reality Of War

War is futile! Nevertheless, I served in two armies, American (Mental Hygiene Social Worker) and Israeli (Education Corps until age fifty). It was my duty so that no one else could fight or die in my place. Luckily, I had to kill no other human being.

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Moshe Sonnheim © more by Moshe Sonnheim

Published by Family Friend Poems October 2020 with permission of the Author.


Listen to the distant drums.
Listen to the bugles calls.
Listen to the wind-blown flags.
Listen to the marching feet.
Listen to the song of war.
Listen to the cries of pain.
Listen to the gasp of death.
The Army of the Dead
Is coming near.

Across the blood-soaked fields,
Across the trampled towns,
The gutted homes,
The silent streams,
The broken dreams,
The Army of the Dead is moving on.

You sent them off
With marching band
To fight the fight
For Mother/Father land,
To bring you back
The spoils of war
And crush the foe

Listen to the muffled drums.
Listen to the bugle taps.
Listen to the wind-torn flags.
Listen to the trudging feet.
Listen to the mournful cry.
The Army of the Dead
Is coming near.
The Army of the Dead
Will soon be here.




I am a retired Senior Teacher of Social Work living in Israel, married to a Dutch "Hidden Child." I moved to Israel from Philadelphia in 1971. I resumed creative writing at age 83, and a number of my short stories and poems have been published. I have published a book of Fairy Tales and The Jewish Bride.

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