Fall Poem

Morning Reverie: Poem On Welcoming A Fall Day

Nature can easily reflect certain characteristics of human life. It can be mad, happy, serene, even crazy! There is a lot to be learned and nature is never short on lessons.

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Living A Fall Morning Life

Sylvia Stults © more by Sylvia Stults

Published by Family Friend Poems October 12, 2023 with permission of the Author.

In the silence of the morning
When the birds are first to wake
Floating leaves of reddish orange
Ride the breeze to paths they take

The sky is hued with colors
Subtle hints of pinks and blues
As if waking from a slumber
Not quite ready for full view

There's a peaceful sense of serenity
That enters your very soul
It clears your mind, just in time
Fore the day then takes its toll

But like the leaves that ride the breeze
And the colors of first light
Treat each and every morning as is
Live the moment, be mindful, then take flight



Hello my name is Sylvia. I presently work in the healthcare field. I love to paint with oils and often wished I studied art as well. I love poetry of all kinds and someday hope to pick up on the different styles. I'm trying, but until I do...I'll follow the words of my mother, who passed when I was a young girl, "Just say...

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