True Love Poem

Accepting The Love

Poem is about just being open to love. Giving love a second chance. After going through so much of life difficulties and being let down by a lot of close love ones, a person tends to be super guarded, but noticing and genuinely accepting the love from those who has always been there loving you the whole time and ready to reciprocate it. You realize the love you needed, searching, wanted was always there.

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Love Always


Published by Family Friend Poems November 30, 2023 with permission of the Author.

It's a good morning when I awake next to you
Can't hardly breathe from the love I hold inside
I feel a partnership, first time feeling like a team
This is the exact picture I seen in my dreams
Your arms so strong, Holding me so tight,
Loosen the grip, I won't slip away
there's no place I rather be.
I'm falling in love with your heart
You have a greater piece of me.
I'm in love with the way you make me feel
It's been a long time coming but it's always been real.
When we first met you handled me so gracefully,
You had a way about you, that kept me near
Your presence made me feel so alive
Your demeanor made me feel protected
Your aura brought much peace to me
How can I ever forget
You've been loving me this whole time my eyes been closed -blind.
I wish to reciprocate the feeling
What you mean to me
Is more than you could ever think
The love I have in my heart for you is something I can't even believe
I never felt love this strong makes it kind of scary
I'm a stick it out and see it through this time
Giving and receiving the love if you let me.


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