True Love Poem

Power Of True Love Poem: Loyalty, Support, And Understanding

I wrote this in honor of Valentine's Day. It's what love should be.

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Love Is...

Patricia A Fleming © more by Patricia A Fleming

Published by Family Friend Poems February 2021 with permission of the Author.

I believe that love is loyalty.
It will always have your back.
It will bravely stand in front of you
If someone should attack.

Its support will be unwavering.
It will never let you down.
It will be that one true constant
When there's no one else around.

I believe that love is friendship
And a mutual respect,
A bond that can't be broken,
No matter how far it may be stretched.

It will always want the best for you
And will help you if it can,
And when this crazy world confuses you,
Love will help you understand.

Love is not betrayal.
It can look you in the eye
And its word will not be broken;
It won't manipulate or lie.

Love will not degrade you
Or destroy your self-esteem.
It won't be cold or critical
Or belittle all your dreams.

Love will not abandon you,
Despite how difficult things get.
It will create the sweetest memories,
Not a torrent of regrets.

But where there are beginnings,
There will sometimes be an end.
But our hearts are made of sturdy stock,
And so a broken heart can mend.

To love is human nature;
It is a crucial part of life.
It may not always come so easily,
But it will be well worth the fight.

Love comes in every shape and size,
And we can love in different ways.
It will still remain alive in us,
When all else has passed away.



On December 8, 2023, Austin Macauley Publishers released my book of poetry. It is entitled, "Being Human In This Crazy World" by Patricia Fleming. It can be found online on many book seller sites all over the world. Just Google the title and author and you will find all the locations. It would be a tremendous honor if my peers and...

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