Fear Poem

Healing Your Inner Child

This poem is about the inner child we all have that needs healing, holding, and love. The one who keeps us stuck in familiar patterns. The one who shows up when we least expect it. It's acknowledging her. It's telling her I see you; I know what you went through. It's okay, I am here for you now.

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Nothing To Fear

© more by Catherine Lamberton

Published by Family Friend Poems October 10, 2022

You poor little girl,
You never grew up.
Trapped in this vessel,
Your feelings erupt.

Lost in the shuffle,
Daddy's love you desired.
Always the best,
Yet nothing transpired.

Worry and fear,
Only emotions you knew.
Hidden from the world,
No one had a clue.

Your smile was false,
You lived such a lie.
You did what you had to,
Anything to get by.

The fear, the sadness,
The doubt never ceased.
Tucked deep inside,
The anxiety increased.

Haunted by your feelings,
Reckless you became.
Adding to the chaos,
Guilt, hurt, and shame.

You poor little girl,
I know you are here.
I'll take care of you now.
There's nothing more to fear.


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