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Poem About Daughter Completing A Mission Trip

Last summer my youngest daughter, Jessica, participated in a mission trip to Kenya. My daughter has never traveled far without her parents, let alone traveling half way around the world. My wife and I were nervous wrecks for the 2 weeks she was gone. During that time. I studied her travel itinerary and reflected on the reason she participated. After she returned, I printed off several of the pictures she had taken and made a photo album, with a copy of this poem attached to the inside cover.

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Mission Trip


Published: September 2015

Charleston, Atlanta, Amsterdam, Nairobi
Not just cities but a path of destination

Sleeping bags, backpacks, luggage racks, passports
A calling of faith, a mission of salvation

Haul water, crush stone, make cement, build a church
Not just a building, but a place of glorification

Share the word, share yourselves, say a prayer, display your faith
Step outside yourself to a world of dedication

Feed your body, feed your spirit, drink from the cup of selflessness
Kenya, a spiritual unification



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