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Poem About Confession Of Love

My poem is all about how much I really love this guy. It all started when I fell in love with him. It felt so stupid and so unbelievable but yet so amazing. To the readers, no matter how much you were hurt and how the pain makes you feel, there is always that wonderful and heavenly sent angel that is going to bring back that beautiful smile. When that happens, just go with the flow...let the feelings take control.

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Letter to my newly found love: As young as I am, I have had the most dreadful experiences in love. I have a very dark past and I'm a damaged soul. My past experiences have groomed me into...

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My Confession

Mmakoma Kamogelo © more by Mmakoma Kamogelo

Published by Family Friend Poems September 2016 with permission of the Author.

My love for you is uncontrollable.
My feelings for you are unstoppable.
Can't go a day without thinking about you.
Without you, I'm not complete.
With you, my heart finds its beat.

My heart is filled with joy because of your love.
You are my strength, and without you I'm weak.
Before you came into my life, I was
Hopeless, lonely, sad.
When you showed up, I knew that you were sent to me.

You are always here to cheer me up.
Your smile makes me shy,
And sometimes I wonder where you have been all this while,
But I'm just glad that I managed to get you in my life...


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  • Katlii by Katlii
  • 3 years ago

Letter to my newly found love:
As young as I am, I have had the most dreadful experiences in love. I have a very dark past and I'm a damaged soul. My past experiences have groomed me into believing that there's no such thing as true love, but with you, I feel different. You make me fall in love with myself too. You always make me smile, and I'm scared. I'm scared to fall in love and get broken again, I'm scared to give my all, only to be used again, only to get shamed and embarrassed. I've seen how careful and caring you are around me, but sometimes you give me a cold shoulder, and it's small things like these that break me. Please bear with me and be fragile. I come from a very painful past where I had to be a woman and have no say. All this love affection is a little scary to me because I'm not used to it. I'm falling for you and I'm falling hard. I hope our love story has a happy ending. Know that I will always love and cherish you.

  • Mercy Ovie by Mercy Ovie
  • 4 years ago

I feel so hurt looking back at yesterday and the mistake l made by judging him wrongly. Though alive but far away, his love still glows in my heart. If only l could turn back the hands of the clock.

  • Sapna Nirmal by Sapna Nirmal
  • 7 years ago

I love you still,
When you went far away from me.
I love you more and more,
Every day, every minute, every second.
When I realized
That I loved you,
It was too late.

When you were there with me I was happy,
But now I am sad, because you're not there with me.
The importance of your love came to me later,
When you were not there with me.

My life starts from you,
And my journey ends on you.
You are the person
Whom I love so much
And Forever,
Till the end of the world...

I know you will always there with me,
In the journey of my life.
I know I have made a great mistake,
That I went far away from you,
But I know that you're there with me,
Inside my heart,
And near my soul...

  • Sapna by Sapna
  • 7 years ago

I really love to read love poems, and I have written some love poems of my own for someone special who is not there in my life. He is away from me and is a mystery boy.

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