Falling in Love Poem

Poem About Loving With All You Have

Have you ever just looked at the person you're in love with and thought, "Wow, how on earth did I find this person? How did I get someone so amazing and so perfect?" Love makes you feel emotions you never thought you could feel before. Sometimes it makes your life, your whole world, surreal. It's an overpowering feeling, and it can be so hard to explain these emotions, thoughts, feelings you have towards them (that no one else has for them). I'm sure a lot of you can relate...

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Mysterious Love


Published by Family Friend Poems December 2015 with permission of the Author.

As I lay here in the dark by your side,
You bring me great love, and I feel great pride.

For you, my darling, are my number one.
A tidal wave could approach and you'd still be my sun.

I'd protect you throughout,
No matter what.

Even at war,
I'd take a shot.

I'd take a bullet from the enemy's gun,
Just to save you, my precious one.

You're like a diamond in a million ways.
For a man like you, every girl prays,

Hard to find,
But close to my heart,

Mysteries aside,
Not just for the smart.

Deep in the ocean,
But standing on shore,

You're determined you love me,
But I love you more.


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