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Poem After A Fight With My Mom

I wrote this out of anger. I had just gotten into a fight with my mom. She makes me feel really bad about myself sometimes, and I needed to have some sort of relief, so I decided to write. It always makes me feel better.

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I was always considered the black sheep in my family because I looked at the world differently, so I was judged. I was raised in a Christian home but I couldn't understand why you would...

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The Fall

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Published by Family Friend Poems May 2011 with permission of the Author.

I don't know why I bother to try;
even though I know you'll never be satisfied.
I'm not what you want, and I'm not what you need,
but you're twisting and turning my reality.
I'm lost in the shuffle,
buried with my troubles.
You're killing my emotions and losing my trust,
and you look at me with a sense of disgust.
This is my world, and you are my fear.
I think things would be better without you near.
I'm losing myself and cowering down to you.
You're words, they are permanent to me, just like a tattoo.
You're always right behind me, pushing me way too far.
Cut me open, see the pattern of my scars.
All these people that think they're so tough,
try being reminded that you're never good enough.
You're killing me slowly, and I'm almost dead.
I imagine you smile as you drift off to bed.
This isn't right, this isn't fair.
It's nothing, I don't expect you to care.
I'll paint this world with my list of regrets.
I'll burn this city with my ashes and I'll forget
that you weren't there.
And maybe I'll be saved from this horrid despair.
I know who's right and I know who's wrong,
but you'll figure it out once I'm finally gone.


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  • Sydni Ward by Sydni Ward, Virginia
  • 9 years ago

I was always considered the black sheep in my family because I looked at the world differently, so I was judged. I was raised in a Christian home but I couldn't understand why you would worship something you never seen heard or had a conversation with. So I always questioned my faith and science because of course at the time I didn't understand a lot as a kid. Then as I got older I was still pretty arrogant until the end of third grade when my mom got divorced from my step dad. At that time I didn't care because I thought it wouldn't affect me much, but sadly I was wrong I had to grow up and help raise my two little brothers because she was training to become a cop, and she did. It put a lot of strain on me because we were always fighting and I soon became depressed. I felt worthless and stupid also a little ugly. I hated my life and I hated my mom and it never got better. So finally in the fifth grade I became suicidal from pain pills to box cutters yet I noticed my skin wouldn't cut no matter hard I tried. No matter how sharp my skin or wrists wouldn't cut. Of course arrogantly I thought it was a sign there is a god and I'm not supposed to die because I have a purpose. Then in sixth grade I started puberty and I questioned everything. I started listening to heavy metal and my family made fun of me. Yes I still had those same problems but I had a friend that understood me. We hung out 24/7, at school; at my house. Still fight everyday to overcome bullying and so much more. Though I'm a kid I still live my life to stand up for the people I love, for the people who need a voice and for myself. People may judge me because I like different music or because I'm non-religious. But there was always a quote that got me through and was: When people hurt you over and over, think of them like sandpaper. They may scratch and hurt you a bit, in the end, you end polished and they end up useless.
-Andy Beirsack

  • Jenifer by Jenifer
  • 9 years ago

Don't worry, even I go through that every day, she calls me using bad words and stuff, it's nice to know that I am not alone in this world. Please poems are the only things that makes me feel better, so please, please write more poems.

  • Michael by Michael
  • 10 years ago

You've really written the teens mind. Thumbs up.

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