Compassion Poem

Honoring Princess Diana Who Died Too Young

Princess Diana was such a caring and loving person, who was taken from the world too soon. She could have been such a voice to the under privileged, the sick and the injured. She was never allowed to blossom. This is my tribute to Lady Diana.

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Ode To A Princess


Published by Family Friend Poems December 1, 2023 with permission of the Author.

The first time that we saw you
That shy angelic face,
We knew you'd make a nation proud
With dignity and grace.

The more we came to know you
Our fondness quickly grew,
For Charles was not the only one
To fall in love with you.

Your beauty captured all the world
Your marriage gave us pride,
As time went by we never knew
The pain you felt inside.

You found it hard to tow the line
To do as you were told,
The key word now was 'protocol'
You didn't fit their mold.

The royal blue blood was lacking
And so you paid the price,
For yours was warm with passion
And theirs was cold as ice.

Your passion was for life itself
Your caring was sincere,
You tried to take away the hurt
And take away the fear.

You cared about humanity
Compassion filled your soul,
Your kindness touched us all somehow
You went beyond your role.

Denied of any privacy
Now hounded by the press,
Enjoyment of your daily life
Was growing less and less.

They tried to take your dignity
Their cruelty knew no bounds,
No longer was your life your own
Tormented by the hounds.

Your tragic loss has hurt us all
We struggle with the pain,
For deep inside we know we'll never
Be the same again.

We know that you're in heaven now
At peace where you belong,
To tell the other angels of
A fairy tale gone wrong.


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