Mother's Day Poem

In this poem, a child goes through his long history that has happened in his life relating to his Mom. On Mother's Day, he takes the opportunity to thank her for being the greatest mom.

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Ode To Mom


Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

Before I was myself you made me, me
You helped me to realize all that I could be
You've taught me a lot, and I need you to know
I don't say it enough but I do love you so

Thanks mom for all that you've done for me
You've treated me like I've always wanted to be
Through my life you've taught me how to live
But, I have done some things that are hard to forgive

I'm sorry for those times I did not show the best of me
I was scared and confused but your love set me free
Without all of your help I would not be what I am
I'd be stuck in cold water, blocked by a dam

Then it happened, I didn't know what to think
My parents were apart as fast as a blink
At the time I did not know what this meant
Had the time with my family been overspent

During that time it felt like all my fault
Had the love in our family come to a complete halt
This was the most I had ever been confused
What had I done, what could I do?

With everyone's help I did not feel as bad
My feelings had gone away and I wasn't sad
And then something happened and I was not ready
It happened again, that which happened already

I didn't know what to do, it was the night of my concert
I couldn't see my friends and sing with my heart burnt
I hoped that this was all a bad dream
Everything was inside and I needed to scream

When I came to you, you were so understanding
You did not seem at all scared or demanding
I needed your comfort the most out of all
You were always there for me as I can recall

Then one day something special happened
You and I had met a new friend
At first that was all it could be
You wanted it first to be fine with me

The reason I was scared was what happened in the past
I did not want to hurt again if the love could not last
Suddenly I realized that it was worth a try
Maybe he would help my mom and not let her cry

That was all I wanted then, for everyone to be glad
Of what they are and what they do, and mostly what they had
My self-confidence had been almost regained
And almost everything had been explained

Thank you mom for all of your love
My life is now something I can take hold of
Although sometimes it may have been rough
It's overpowered by all the good stuff

You've made my life full of delight
And when I'm with you everything's all right
So here's what I've been meaning to say
I love you mom, and Happy Mothers Day.


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