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I wrote this after I lost my Mum to Cancer. We only found out 7 weeks before she passed away from the disease. I was alone with mum when she passed away. I feel honored that she felt comfortable and safe to go peacefully in my arms however the vision of her last breath will play on my mind forever. I miss my mum so very much....SO VERY MUCH. She was my world (just like she always used to say to me). I pray she is happy and safe and I pray even harder that we meet again. I have to see my beautiful mum again. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MUMSY..Always and Forever...your Narny...xx

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My mother got cancer when I was 8. She survived and was in remission for a year, but when I was 12 she was diagnosed with cancer again. This time we all knew she would die, when she told us I...

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Our Hearts Will Always Touch

© more by Ranja Kujala

Published by Family Friend Poems September 2007 with permission of the Author.

When I lay there beside you,
Could you feel me there?
My arms were wrapped around you,
And I was stroking your hair.

I was talking about all the good times,
For me they were every single day.
I wanted you to feel love and comfort,
And happy in some way.

I watched your every breath,
And prayed that each one wasn't your last.
The time we got to share together,
Went by too quick...Too fast.

I wanted you to wake up,
Please Mum...Open your eyes.
Tell me this is a nightmare,
And not our goodbyes.

As your last breath grew closer,
We lay there peacefully together.
My heart continually breaking,
Because I wanted you forever.

Then there it was,
Your final breath of air.
I didn't want to believe it,
This is so cruel and not fair.

I held your beautiful face,
And prayed you'd breath again.
I wasn't ready for you to go,
I couldn't admit that this was the end.

But then I realized that you were now in peace,
And not suffering anymore.
You were beginning the life of an Angel,
And your body would no longer be sore.

I held you close and squeezed you tight,
And tried to say goodbye.
I've lost my Mum and my number one best friend,
All my heart could do is cry.

I slowly got up,
I wanted so much to stay.
I leaned over and gave you one more kiss,
It was so hard to walk away.

Mum, you are my entire world,
And I miss you so very much.
I wish I could feel your lovable cuddle,
And your soft and gentle touch.

But for now I have to wait,
Until we meet again.
You will always be in my heart and thoughts,
My dear Mum and best friend.

Always and Forever,
Our hearts will always touch.
Always and Forever,
Your baby girl loves you so much.


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  • Lucy B by Lucy B
  • 4 years ago

When I was one, my mum was diagnosed with cancer and was told she wasn't going to make it to my second Christmas. But she somehow made it to my second birthday, but only 4 days after she died. I was told that she died in her sleep. Only recently I asked my dad how he knew she was dead then, and his words were, "She stopped breathing," and that was probably the hardest thing I've ever heard. This poem honestly touched my heart and just reminded me of what my dad said and made me understand a bit more what it was like for my dad.

  • Sophie Gabriel by Sophie Gabriel
  • 5 years ago

When I was 9, my mum was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. At the time, we were living in Singapore, expecting to move back to England about a week after the diagnoses. I remember when she told us we had to move back early. My first response was that I wouldn't get to say goodbye to my friends because I didn't know what was happening. I only found out back in England when I was searching for a photo through my mum's email. I saw the email, "I'm so sorry and praying you get through this cancer." I cried and cried. After many years, my anxiety about my mum happens all the time. But she is recovering now and we pray it won't come back.

  • Bernard by Bernard
  • 5 years ago

l have been scared of cancer all my life, but I'm so heartbroken. Just a few minutes ago l received a message from my brother telling me that my mom has cancer. I'm really hurt. l can't even sleep, but l know that God is in control. After l read this poem and the replies, l actually felt relived and will support my mom throughout this.

Tears to my eyes and an ache in my heart is all I can say about this poem. I can feel her yearning to be with her mother again. I can feel her emotions of love and great loss and grief, and I can feel her courage as she held her mother close to her knowing she had to let her go home to Heaven in peace. Such a beautiful, loving poem!

  • Carey Kinsella by Carey Kinsella
  • 7 years ago

My mother got cancer when I was 8. She survived and was in remission for a year, but when I was 12 she was diagnosed with cancer again. This time we all knew she would die, when she told us I ran to my friend's house and cried. I still remember waking up around 11:30 pm on the 13th of November of 2013, walking into my mother's room to see her die in my father's arms. Now I am 16 and in high school, and everyone avoids the topic of my mother whether it be happy or sad. Without her my family is broken and every day it becomes even more so. One year ago, it was awful and now it is unbearable, because now my father is dying. He isn't dying of cancer, but it doesn't make it much better, he has about a year to live his heart is failing. So now my mother is dead, and my father will be too, soon, but that's only my story for now who knows, maybe he will live longer, who knows. I really loved this poem, it actually made me cry, which is something I haven't done in a long time. Thank you.

  • Tommy by Tommy
  • 7 years ago

Hey, throughout my experience I only knew one thing: whenever I have a problem, it is hope. You must thank God every step of the way, because it might have gone even worse.

I am sorry for your mom; she's in a better place now, and hopefully your dad will be ok, but I want you to remember "hope."

  • Demira Brook Ann Kenlie Schaffer by Demira Brook Ann Kenlie Schaffer
  • 7 years ago

My father was never really in my life growing up. So, my mother for the first few years had me stay at my grandmother's house. My grandmother was a wonderful person, she was like a second mother. I loved her dearly. No one would ever replace her in my heart. So when she was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer...I was shattered. Since I was only a little girl, I didn't realize cancer was a bad sickness. I thought it was like the flu or something. But on January 31st, 2007. She passed away. She'd fought for years. I was only nine years old. And since I wasn't very social due to my SAD and natural shyness, she was pretty much my only friend. Year after year went by, and the pain never left. People said it'll get better with time. The only thing that got better was knowing how to hide my sadness or push it away for awhile. And now my mom might have cancer. Now I may go through it again with her. And what about me? Will I? I don't know how to feel at this point....

  • Jessie Chaparra by Jessie Chaparra
  • 9 years ago

A good friend of mine has been told she has two weeks to live. She has cancer. I hate cancer. She is a fighter. She says, "its' just a number, God is in control." I love that about her.
Your poem brought tears to my eyes. I'm not sure even at my age, I'm 54, how I could face the pain you did. I felt like I was right there and it was MY mom. You have a gift with words. I'm glad you used them for truth and love and honesty. thank you for sharing this private holy time in your life.

  • Olivia Cambridge by Olivia Cambridge
  • 9 years ago

My dad had been getting severe pain in his lower back and pains in his lower stomach for some time. he had also been loosing a lot of weight, his doctor told him it was a liver infection, turns out it was cancer. I found out after an amazing day, my day was complete ruined, I felt like I was going to loose him but my dad is strong and he will kick cancers butt. It's stage four but my dad is fighting. All my thoughts go out to everyone with cancer and all the family's supporting people with cancer. Keep strong and they will beat it.

  • Sharon Winter by Sharon Winter, England
  • 9 years ago

My mum had been losing weight for a while, she was looking after my dad so she always said "I can't be ill what will happen to your dad?" Mum was diagnosed with cancer at first they said pancreatic, then the Dr's said it was bowel cancer. It was hard to get a proper diagnosis, during this time mum and dad came to stay with me. It took seven weeks for mum to deteriorate, during the last week of her life I would lay with her and she would put her arms around me asking if it was her time yet, at times pleading with me to do something for her which I couldn't, she was my mum and I didn't want her to go but I didn't want her to struggle anymore. My family was with her when she took her last breath it seemed to go on for so long between each breath until there was no more. Your poem hit me like a hammer as what you wrote was so close to how it was for mum and me. I can't believe she's gone it still doesn't seem real but I know she is with me I feel her around me all the time. We are great believers that white feathers are angels and at the moment I keep finding feathers floating around my house when I am having a particularly bad day. When my time comes I know my mum will come for me I'm not afraid, we will be together again.
Again great poem really says what I went through and feel.

  • Mary by Mary, New York
  • 10 years ago

I love this poem. Thank you so much. My mom just passed away from cancer and it been so hard for me. I still cry to this day nobody understand the way I feel. When I read this poem it spoke for me. I still can't say good bye and I never will she is always in my heart and I'm still here so that means she's still here.

  • San Ignacio by San Ignacio
  • 10 years ago

My mom died October 5th 2012. She had lymphoma cancer and that poem really touch my heart. Up to now I can't accept that she is gone but we just have to be strong. She stayed with us for six months with cancer and thank God she didn't suffer a lot. My mom was a very nice and loving woman. She loved all of us equally and was always willing to give a helping hand. I give thanks to God for her and may she be in his glory forever.

  • Madison by Madison
  • 11 years ago

I once knew a girl named Kanesha Greer. Everyone called her Nesha I only met her once but, once was enough for me to be saddened by the fact that she got bone cancer. She fought hard and she almost won the battle. Almost. She was only eleven when she went to meet Jesus. When I saw her at the funeral home I cried. A lot of people left school to go to her funeral and I hope her memory lives on. Cancer should get cancer and die.

  • Tina by Tina, Belgum
  • 11 years ago

Ok; I'm sorry if my English isn't very good but I'm from Belgium and I don't write English very well.

When I was 6 years old I lost my mum to cancer. My dad still misses her just like me and my sister. My dad was from Africa and my mum from Belgium. We don't really get support of my mums family as I got older my dad got a girlfriend and they had a kid together. My stepmum used to beat me and mu sisters (I moved out) once she beat me in front of my father and he finally believed us but he forgave her! When I turned 16 I moved to my friends house with permission of my father my big sister moved there as well but my little sister still lives there. I visit sometimes when my stepmums gone..... Every day I miss my mum and I know she's watching over me so I fell in love with this poem

  • Linda Housley by Linda Housley, Covington
  • 11 years ago

My mom had bad lungs. She fought for more than 30 years for every breath. She began smoking at age 10. She died at age 67 and I miss her so very much. Her courage gave me the strength to fight for my own life when I found out I had breast cancer. This wonderful woman fought for time with her children and grandchildren. To do less would dishonor her memory. Thank you for such a beautiful poem. I feel her spirit when I'm down. She will always be in my heart and I feel bless to know a part of her lives on in me and my children.

  • Cindy Swaim by Cindy Swaim
  • 11 years ago

My mother & father passed away June 8th & June 10th 2012 (2 days apart) and this poem touched me, because I am the baby girl in the family of 5 and I plan on sharing this poem at our Thanksgiving Reunion on my dad's side of the family. I'm sure I'll be crying as I read this awesome poem, as I already have...but thanks to you it will be a beautiful day for me to share this special poem of my true feelings. My mother had lung cancer and my dad's health was just declining and he loved her so much he couldn't bare to be here without the love of his life.We had a double funeral. Please pray for me especially during this holiday season.

  • Roisin Lily by Roisin Lily, Dublin
  • 11 years ago

I just stumbled upon this poem and it has taken me the guts of twenty minutes to gather myself after reading it. My Mum passed away two weeks after my 20th Birthday this year to lung Cancer. Like you, she was diagnosed seven weeks prior to her death. She knew the extent of her illness but promised me she'd get better. So when we got called into hospital after she went downhill overnight, it was hard to process what was happening. I was alone in the room with her singing her favourite song when she took her last breath. I was honoured that she felt comfortable enough to go with me there, yet I still regret letting her go. Thank you for posting this poem, it's beautiful.

  • Jason Miller by Jason Miller, Oklahoma City
  • 11 years ago

My mom passed 5 months ago. She had skin cancer that spread through out her body. No one told me how much time she had left. One day she had s stroke. In the ER they asked me if I wanted her on life support till she passed. I asked her she mumbled no. I broke down crying. So I said no life support. My brother was the last to speak to her. She said she loved him. I told him he doesn't have to stay up with her. He is my little brother. I'll stay here. It was the hardest 4 or 5 days of my life. I cried and prayed everyday. I wasn't leaving my best friend. She was the kindest, strongest most honest person I ever met. She never cussed. She was a single mother also. When I finally was left alone with her she passed. It was peaceful, but now I feel empty. So many sleepless nights. Miss you♡♡♡ there is more. The poem is great.

  • Lily by Lily, London
  • 11 years ago

My Auntie just died of cancer and this poem is so emotional and beautiful, sad and every word in this poem meant so much to me. Thank you so much for doing this fantastic poem! I has really touched my heart.

  • Judy Jager by Judy Jager, Melbourne Australia
  • 11 years ago

I love your poem, I went through the same with my best Friend Diane. Diane passed away March 19,2012, I miss her so much and I cry every day, I know that is not what she wanted me to do, but I just can't help it. I miss her so much. Diane was Diagnosed with Lung & Brain Cancer in October 2010, I took care and lived with my Best Friend Diane till the end, it was the hardest task I ever done watching Diane get weaker and weaker each Day, but I am so proud she wanted me there, because we loved each other more like Sisters, which in our Hearts we were. Now she is in Heaven, a Beautiful place she never been before, I love and miss you so much that my heart hurts each and every day, but I am so happy you don't hurt no more. You are free of pain now and that's all that counts. I will meet you again one day and then we have so much to talk about, until then remember I love you and always will R.I.P all my love from the bottom of my heart, xxoo <3<3<3 Your best Friend/Sister Judy

  • Bianca Renee by Bianca Renee, Harlingen Texas
  • 11 years ago

I love this poem it touched my heart. I also lost my mom from cervical cancer and she passed away November 17, 2008 so I know how it feels to miss the person that brought you into this world. I want you to know that you are loved and that you have a lot of people who care for you. I am very sorry for your lost but you have to remember God only takes the best and he knew your mom was going to make a perfect angel<3
-Bianca Renee(:

  • Christine by Christine, NJ
  • 11 years ago

I couldn't have said it better! I lost my mom this past June and it has been so difficult living without her. Thank you for making me feel like I'm not alone and someone really does understand.

  • Louise by Louise, PA
  • 11 years ago

The day after my mother passed away from lung cancer, this poem somehow popped up to me, I don't even remember how. It is perfect and shows the exact feelings I had. I was by her side as she took her last breath. It was the hardest thing I've ever done, besides burying my son 12 years ago who died by suicide. But now they are together, which is a comforting thought. She was buried two days ago, and I read this poem at her funeral. My mother was also my best friend and a beautiful person. Thank You for this poem, I was able to share my feelings with my family at the funeral. Take Care and God Bless You.

  • Kevin Abernathy by Kevin Abernathy, Whitsett NC
  • 12 years ago

Thank you. Me and my mom are at hospice now. It is 5-16-2012 my mother is stage 4 lung cancer. She was told on 4-22-12 she is soo scared I am her 33 year old son. we are in FL and all our family is in NC. I am trying to be strong not doing so good she is my life and I will not leave her. She is suffering terribly it is going to kill me when she is gone. I am praying God will take her soon she is so sick I really hate cancer! I don't know what to do but believe in god! Your poem is really how I have been feeling. I ask everyone to pray for my mom Beckey thank you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jazmine by Jazmine
  • 12 years ago

I was twelve when I lost my mom to cervical cancer. I just want to thank you for writing this poem it really brighten my day. I know its hard to lose someone so close to you, but you have to strive to do what they would have wanted you to do.

  • San Antonio Tx by San Antonio Tx
  • 12 years ago

Reading your poem, takes me back to 2010 the year I basically started spending my days with my mom, came June of 2011 my mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, thought that was the worst day ever, me and my mom became closer then ever spent most my time with her in and out the hospital at home, so much time she moved 5 houses down so that I can help her, and also be able to attend to my kids and my husband it was very hard BUT would not change a thing, never did I think that I would be bathing my mother at the age 54, a mother who was independent did and wanted to do every single thing on her own until she no longer could, Oct. comes DON'T REALLY WANT TO GO BACK TO THIS MONTH but this was the end of me and her, damn it hurts so much, I wish it was a nightmare, as I continue to be by her side, Oct.30 2011, 2:28 my mother was pronounced, well she passed, I, my sister and 2 brothers watched my mother take her last breath as a 3rd brother was at my home waiting to hea. RIP, MOM.

  • Diana by Diana, Dubai
  • 12 years ago

I feel like crying my grandmother has cancer and she has just been diagnosed .......
my mom wants to cry I try to hold her as she has other responsibilities.......

  • Mariah by Mariah, Boise
  • 12 years ago

I lost my mother on May 23, 2011. I was only 16 at the time and felt exactly the same way. She had stage 4 colon cancer and couldn't fight it off the second time around. I had already lost my big sister and grandpa (moms side) to a car accident and my grandma (moms side) to dementia. Now my dad is looking to remarry which is very hard for me to deal with. His girlfriend has 2 daughters about the same age as my younger sister who is 12. That's even worse for me to handle. I still feel the pain everyday for my lost best friend. She had a very slow and painful death. I really wasn't able to say goodbye because we never wanted to believe that it was the end. I miss her dearly and want to be able to hug her and to be able to talk to her again. She was my world, my everything.

  • Ahmad Ali by Ahmad Ali
  • 12 years ago

Very Nice.
I am a Cancer Patient diagnosed in 2009. I have done two major surgeries but Cancer still growing and now it attack on my Liver. When I look at my family and tears in their eyes for me then I feel 100% more pain from Cancer. One day this pain really break me. Oh my Sweet God I can't see my family in pain. God bless all those dead with Cancer.

  • Sarah Gomes by Sarah Gomes, Kansas City Mo
  • 12 years ago

This is SO beautiful. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer October 2010. She is a Survivor now, and getting ready to celebrate her birthday for the first time since her diagnosis. My heart goes out to all those who's loved ones haven't survived.

  • Ashley by Ashley
  • 12 years ago

I'm so sorry for your loss! I'm 15 and I'm about to lose my grandma to cancer! It hurts I don't know what to do!

  • Sandra Rieder by Sandra Rieder, South Africa
  • 12 years ago

Thank you for a beautiful poem, whilst reading it, this warmth and peace came over me. I lost my daughter to cancer in August 2010, and as you describe the end, that is exactly how I experienced it as well, and during her illness, writing about the experience seemed to ease some of the pain. I am so glad that there is now a forum where these emotions are shared. This is a very touching, realistic poem, well done.

  • Nicole by Nicole
  • 12 years ago

Wow all I can say is wow, that was very touching, you had me in tears, very emotional, never been through this but I feel every word you wrote jumping through my soul. Great poem, and I wish the very best for you.

  • Michelle Ribeiro by Michelle Ribeiro
  • 12 years ago

When I read the beginning of your poem it hit home. I too found out my Mom had cancer only 3 months before she passed. It's only been 8 months and it feels like yesterday. I was with her for it all and with her when she took her last breath. That image sticks in my head. I wish she were here with us but I can't be selfish. I know my Mom is at peace now and not suffering anymore. She suffered so much in that short time.

  • Rhyan by Rhyan
  • 12 years ago

This poem made me cry my eyes out, it was so meaningful. Last December we lost my Grandma Pauline the January before that we lost my Auntie Pat and this poem voiced all the feelings I've had for almost two years now. For my grandma's funeral my sisters and I all wrote poems to her as kind of an I'm sorry for not being around as much as we've grown older, but more as a thank you and I love you. They were read at her memorial service and then were put into a song by my cousin and sung as they laid her to rest. And I wonder if she knows that we loved her because our talks were few and far between so busy with our own worlds we never told her I Love You one last time, never said goodbye never cut the cord between us that was shared. I wish all the time I had just 5 more minutes with her to tell her goodbye and I love you, so she could see the fine young women I've become, and let her go.
Grandma if your seeing this I mean it I love you! ~Rhyan

  • Sharnie by Sharnie, Melbourne
  • 12 years ago

I lost my dad to cancer 6 long years this November I still can't let go even though he wants me to it's to hard this poem really touched me thank you so much ;(

  • Danielle by Danielle
  • 12 years ago

It was in 2006 when my mother took her last breath on her hospital bed at home. I was only 6 years old. I didn't know what was going on. I didn't understand she wasn't coming back. But I know we will meet again someday. With the beautiful Lord by our side!

  • Haley by Haley, Tyler
  • 12 years ago

My beautiful mother just passed away on June 2, 2011 from lung cancer. She was an amazing woman and not a day goes by that my family and I just cry. She is missed so much and I am also her baby girl so this poem touched me so much and I just started crying my eyes out. It's everything I wanted to say but I am not good at writing poems. Thank you for sharing.

  • Sheila by Sheila, Atlanta
  • 12 years ago

My mother got diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and several brain tumors 9 weeks ago!!!...I'm sitting at Hospice now writing her obituary. My mom and I have lived together my entire life. She's helped me with my children and even home schooled my youngest. Now I only have days to be with her...don't know what I'm going to do. Your poem is really helping me. Thank you Ranja...

  • Georginafrances by Georginafrances
  • 13 years ago

Thank you for the poem, I lost my uncle yesterday to liver and pancreatic cancer and I am only 15 he is the first member of my family I have lost and I am really struggling to adjust, he was diagnosed just 2 months ago and was sent home to die on Friday, I haven't stopped crying and this poem just made me realize I'm not alone. My uncle has been through a lot of suffering and it's hard for me to believe this is better for him, I will miss him a lot RIP Roy xxxx

  • Joann Gorka by Joann Gorka
  • 13 years ago

I lost my cousin Lori to lung cancer 2 years ago. She had just turned 50. This is the only poem on this site that has made me cry (and I have read plenty). I felt your pain. God Bless you. You are very talented.

  • Carrie Bradford by Carrie Bradford
  • 13 years ago

I have lost many family members to cancer and I had it myself in 2009 it will be 2 yrs. in august I have been Cancer free. I had colon Cancer. Me and my Family r starting a non-profit organization for Cancer. Please try to find me on Facebook. I loved your poem I cried it really touched me. God Bless you

  • New Orleans by New Orleans, LA
  • 13 years ago

I read your poem and it made me realize, that even though, My Mother passed in December 2, 1988. I know she still here with me in my heart and the love she had for us never leave it's always here with us, thank you.

  • Jessica by Jessica, New Jersey
  • 13 years ago

This poem made me cry so much, thank you soo much for this amazing poem! my grammy died when I was only 5 from pancreatic cancer. I am very grateful that I was with her the day she passed away and that I still remember her laugh and smile. I lost my grandfather when I was 7, he died on my cousins birthday 3 days before mine. My mother was diagnosed with thyroid cancer when I was 11 years old, 6th grade. I was scared and confused because at the time I didn't know what was going on. 2 years later my mom finally told me what happened and I started crying because I just realized how close I came to losing her. I am glad that she told me when she did because my best friends mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer again. I was glad that I was there for her and knew what she was going through and was able to help her. We are both sophomores now and her mom now unfortunately has colon cancer. I am glad that we have each other to rely on because I don't know how I would have handled the pain.

  • Mina by Mina, California
  • 13 years ago

This poem is really sad I cried reading this and honestly I'm afraid to lose my mom on the cancer situation she's type 3A and it sucks cause no matter how much me and her argue she's always there for me and she's my best friend always and forever and I don't wanna lose her and RIP too all your moms and other family members. I hope everything is okay and I do know how all of you feel and plus I wake up every morning crying on how I had a dream that mother passed away I'm praying for all of you.
-love Mina

  • Michelle by Michelle
  • 13 years ago

My Mom was diagnosed with stage 3 Breast Cancer in July of 2009. She was so strong through everything, the doctors told her she did great and she was healthy. A year later, she was in the hospital and we were being told that the cancer had spread to her lungs, liver and bone marrow. She left me on Aug. 10, 2010 and this poem hit a very soft spot in my heart. I took care of her and was by her side the last few days of her life and I would not trade it for the world. I miss her sooo much, I sometimes feel like I died when she did. Thank you for the poem, it's beautiful.

  • Hiba by Hiba, Beirut Lebanon
  • 13 years ago

My mother passed 8 months ago, on mother day we knew that she has high malignant brain cancer, she didn't know cause all of us agreed to hide it from her, I was pregnant with first child she came to help me with raising the newborn but she passed away. Very strong lady, suffered a horrible pain after it spread to the bone and lunges without taking any pill. thanks for this amazing poem

  • George by George, East Lansing
  • 13 years ago

My mom got diagnosed with ovarian cancer when I was in the first grade and then died a few years later when I was 9. this poem goes through everything I was feeling for a long time, this is a great poem.

  • Litzy by Litzy, Arizona
  • 13 years ago

your poem almost made me cry!!!!!=( I just lost my cousin last year in 2010. It was really hard cause we were close. You have a really good talent in poetry. I'm really sorry for your loss.
R.I.P Oscar Padilla=(

  • Shenza by Shenza, Melbourne
  • 13 years ago

I am 16 yr old girl, and I lost both my parents 2 weeks ago within 3 days of each other... my mother had cancer and she died, and my father killed himself because he couldn't live without my mother, and I also have ovarian cancer which I have had for 4 years now, gets harder and harder everyday, this poem really touched me, made me cry, those words are just amazing and has touched my heart, thank you, you really opened my eyes.

  • Kellie by Kellie, Galena KS
  • 13 years ago

You did a great job on the poem. It really touched my heart also. I'm glad you shared it with the world. We all need stuff like that every once in awhile. Although it has been 18 years since my aunt died of cancer and 14 years since my mother died of cancer there still isn't a day goes by that I don't think of them. I never left my moms side either. The thought may be hard now of remembering that last breath believe me you will never regret it. I sure don't. That is something to treasure I'm glad you got to be there.

  • Jimmy by Jimmy, Pittsburgh
  • 13 years ago

This poem touched my heart being that I lost my Ma to stage 4 ovarian cancer December 13 2010. She was only 59 and was the most gentle, loving, caring person you would ever meet. We were blessed as a family to be with her as she went to be with the lord. The day before she passed she had a stroke and was unable to speak. Such a strong woman who made me the man I am today, and fought to the end. I will always remember that with the last final bit of strength that she had, she hugged my father and me. I whispered in her ear, I love you ma. She tried to say I love you back, but could only whisper. She then smiled at us, and went peacefully. We all love her and miss her so much and it breaks my heart. I love you Ma.

  • Karen by Karen, St. Albans VT
  • 13 years ago

I was with my mom on October 8, 2010 when she found out she had Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer, she passed away on November 30, 2010 - 7 weeks 4 days from the day she found out. Your poem spoke the words from my heart. I miss her so much, but I know she is no longer suffering. I am no longer afraid of death, I will live the best life I can here on earth and I will be the best mom I can be to my 2 children, but I look forward to the day when I will see my mom again and I look forward to her beautiful smile, her gentle touch and her amazing hugs!! She was my best friend. Something that is helping me cope with her loss is I write in a journal to her almost every day.....I love her so much. RIP Mom- xoxo

  • Rajdeep by Rajdeep, Calgary
  • 13 years ago

I am 28 years old and I lost my mom Nov 3, 2010 to cervical cancer. She was diagnosed with stage 2 in Jan 2010 and was operated on 26 Jan 2010. She had 28 sessions of radiation and two sessions of internal radiation. Her biopsy report was not bad she had cancer spread only to cervix no where else. She was done with her radiation in May and the cancer came back in July, we tried our best to save her. She was strong willed person. She will be always remembered as nice and helping lady. I just love her so much, she was a whole world to me. I will always remember her and miss her.

  • Avery Cobbs by Avery Cobbs
  • 13 years ago

My dad was just diagnosed with terminal cancer today. Your poem means so much, Ranja. Thank you.

  • Avery Cobbs by Avery Cobbs
  • 13 years ago

My dad was just diagnosed with terminal cancer today. Your poem means so much, Ranja. Thank you.

  • Erika S by Erika S, South Texas
  • 13 years ago

I know exactly what you meant in every word you wrote. My mother was diagnosed with gastrointestinal (stomach) cancer on Sept 14th 2006 and passed away Nov 5 2006 just 7 weeks 2 days later. I am the youngest of five and was the one by her side everyday until the end. When she was still able to talk she thanked me for everything I had done for her. I was the one that needed to thank her for who she was and what she had done for us. My last words to her were, "don't give up your not alone I love you" although they told us she couldn't hear, a tear rolled down her cheek as I told her that and that was the last thing I got to tell her. I can relate to your poem and I thank you for sharing. God Bless

  • Christopher Perrin by Christopher Perrin
  • 13 years ago

Last month or so my Grandad passed away as a result if cancer. I am still finding it hard but this poem just summed up how I feel and I burst into tears as soon as I read it. I would just like to thank the author for this touching poem which I could relate to.

  • London by London, England
  • 13 years ago

Wow I Know How You Feel I Have lost the most important wonderful women in my life, my mum because of breast cancer. She was everything to me!!! I just wish she came back. I hope I will meet her soon. Thank you for the poem. Know I know its just not me that feels like this

  • Bridgette by Bridgette, Portland
  • 13 years ago

I had cancer, I was diagnosed when I was 9 and I was on chemo for 2 almost 3 years. I lost almost all my hair (I would not let my parents cut it off even though it really needed to be) Anyways. I feel so sorry for you. I know that she will be looking down on you until you come and join her. If my mom didn't bring me to the doctors when she did then I probably wouldn't be here right now typing this. This song almost made me cry. And I almost never cry. I think that because I cried every day for 3 years straight I am a stronger person. But this was truly sad. It was very good, and if your mum was reading this right now she would be very proud.

  • Mick Dowling by Mick Dowling
  • 13 years ago

I came on this site looking for help with writing a poem for my sister who died last year with cancer only a short few months after my brother in law was killed in a motorbike accident. Truly hard to hold back the tears reading this and thinking about her three young boys. I'm not good with words. but I had the same thing with my sister and her last few breaths, which will never leave me which sadly left her, a women that lived every second she was given. You put into words what I will never forget and feel. Sorry for your loss.

  • Sarah by Sarah
  • 13 years ago

that poem was really sweet I haven't been through that but I can imagine how hard it would be. my eyes have gone all teary.XX

  • Gelisha Chiles by Gelisha Chiles
  • 13 years ago

Thank you for sharing this poem with us. I was online looking for some poetry regarding breast cancer for an awareness program and was blessed by your words. Your words spoke the very feelings I had when I lost my grandmother last year. Unfortunately, her abbreviated illness did not allow me time to get used to the idea, but it did allow her not to suffer long. We found out about her cancer Nov. 24th and she died peacefully on December 20th surrounded by family and friends. I just wanted to let you know how your poem touched me.

  • Shireen Khan by Shireen Khan, Pakistan
  • 13 years ago

This poem really touched me, and so did the comments. I'm a survivor of cancer but mine was a very aggressive one so I'm really afraid it'll come back anytime. Living under the shadow of death isn't easy. When I read this poem I thought of how my daughters will feel when I go. I can only pray that it doesn't strike me again. My heart goes out to all those who lost their dear ones to this illness.

  • Renae Downey by Renae Downey, Jasper
  • 13 years ago

I lost my wonderful loving Mother, Lanell Hicks on Sept 1, 2010. She was finally free of cancer. I too held my Mother in my arms when she breathed her last breath. My heart aches for her. I can certainly understand what you were feeling when you wrote this poem. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful poem! God bless you! RD

That was truely amazing you should be honored to write a poem so good, I don't really cry a lot but I was near bawling thank you so much you have helped me so much to understand what is precious. please know my prayers are with you, you may be a complete stranger to me but you have touched my heart please. lots of love -

  • Gigi by Gigi, Philadelphia
  • 13 years ago

I cried at almost everyone's stories and of course the poem itself. I too lost my mother six months ago after watching her fight to beat her breast Cancer for five years. Words cant describe how much I miss her. I remember her coming from the hospital losing an inch of hair after another and dealing with lots of pain. Her strength however was what amazed me the most. Despite of all the pain she went through, she would still wake up and get things done around the house. When she passed, I had lost the ,most important person ever. I held her hand not believing she was gone forever. I loved her so much and wish she was still around, but I believe she is more happier and safer now. RIP mom!

  • England by England
  • 13 years ago

This brought me to tears, my mum was diagnosed with Breast cancer a few weeks ago and I cant imagine my life without my mum, she always been there for me and I am praying that she doesn't pass away. luckily they caught it early and although its the strongest kind of breast cancer I'm hoping they did catch it early enough to get rid of it. I'm sorry about your mother. brava! it was truely brilliant

  • Sandee by Sandee, Houston
  • 13 years ago

As I read this poem, it's like I could feel this persons pain. I lost my mom on Aug.23.2010. What hurts so much even as I write this, is that I promised my mom that she would not be alone when she passed. And the one day I wasn't with her she died. That day is a day I will never forget. Because I was torn in between going to the doctor's that day and being with my mom as I had for the last two months. When I got to her before her body was picked up, as I held her in my arms and wept, I ask that she forgive me for not being at her side as I had promised her. I will have to live with the decision I made that day for the rest of my life. This poem hit on the things I would have felt if only I would have gone to be with her on that day. My mom was my world, my precious Diamond. She has cease to stop shinning forever more. I will keep this poem close to my heart always.

  • Matsatsi by Matsatsi, South Africa
  • 13 years ago

I lost my mother in 2003 and I find myself still crying about it at times. Your poem was the first one that I could relate to when I read it, it's beautiful.

  • Cheryl Bianchi by Cheryl Bianchi, Brisbane Australia
  • 13 years ago

Your poem bought back the very days and the day I lost my Mum this year. Even though she was 93 yrs old a broken hip finally took her from me. I did as you did and watched that last breathe, her color change and I screamed at her not to leave me. I still go to her resting place and wish I could bring her back. My life feels so empty and useless without my Mum. She was so much of my life and my kids lives for such a very long time. Nothing will ever fill the void nor that empty spot in my heart. I am finding it very difficult to live as I do not know how to live without seeing her every day. I love her so much and miss her so very much. She was one amazing tough lady who had 12 kids and raised many other children as well. Thank you for sharing even though it made that horrible day come back to me as though it were today.

  • Shella Marie by Shella Marie, Philippines
  • 13 years ago

What a wonderful poem! It made me cry. :'( I lost my mom 25th day of October, 2008. It was a nightmare though I believe she's at peace already. I've seen her sufferings for several years. I miss her so much! I know she's watching over us right now. Thank you so much for sharing us your wonderful poem. God bless!

  • Mary by Mary, Houston Texas
  • 13 years ago

I can barely see through the tears, my father had his annual check-ups and as a matter of fact we were concerned because he was losing weight so we had many many test done and the Dr. said he was just getting old. my daddy fell down June 28th 2010 and was taken to the hospital they were gonna do test to do surgery, he broke his elbow but they said he would not make it they found cancer on his bones (had eaten his spine) in his liver and right lung..... he wanted to go home to die. my dad died July 9th in my home where he lived with me he was my life we would wake up every morning and have coffee and now I just want to die I feel for each and everyone of you who have lost a parent. one major question to you all!!! WHEN DOES IT STOP HURTING.

  • Heather Reay by Heather Reay, Bridgetown N.S Canada
  • 13 years ago

I sat with my mom in the hospital for 1 full week before she died I was there for her because she was scared to go and I told her she would never be alone. Now I face the aloneness each and everyday she passed away on the 27 of Aug. 2010. This is the best poem that I have read and believe me I have read a lot in these last few days.

  • Lashundra by Lashundra, Alabama
  • 13 years ago

This was a wonderful poem. I brought tears to my eyes. I just found out that I have cancer and don't have long to live. It's in the last stage. I don't know how to tell my 8 year old daughter. I don't think she would really understand.

  • Mr. Walters by Mr. Walters, Canada
  • 13 years ago

Hi Ranja Kujala

You written an amazing heartfelt poem that touched my heart. You represent everyone who has lost a family member to cancer.
There is an opportunity to be a featured poet on my newsletter, OW News, I would like to speak with you and share these details.


Oneal Walters
P.S. please visit my website to contact me.

  • Hazelton by Hazelton, B.C
  • 13 years ago

I Love your poem, I can totally relate to what you went through. My mom lost her battle to cancer 3 weeks ago. It happened so fast, We are still all shocked even though we were told what stages she would go through. Nothing can prepare a person to losing their loved one when time comes. I held my mom's hand as she took her last breaths, Can't get the image out of my head. I lost my bestfriend. She was so strong right to the end, I love her and miss her so much. I'm glad though she is no longer suffering from the pain. She is now another guardian angel to watch over our family. Everything I do reminds me of you, Mom.

  • Terri-Claire by Terri-Claire
  • 13 years ago

My mum died 3 months ago, I'm only 16 I had to watch my mum suffer over a 3 year period with cancer it was really hard, to watch her go through all the treatment, stress, pain, loss of hair, have surgery. it was horrible but in the last 5 days of her life she did nothing but fight for her life more than she ever has done before. Struggling to breathe in a hospital bed although she wasn't there she was asleep. I watched my mum take her last breath and leave us all behind.
Everyone, I'm sorry to hear about your losses I'm sure they will be looking down on us till the day we died
R.I.P mummy love you loads always xxxxxx

  • Paige by Paige, Australia
  • 14 years ago

OMG!!! I am writing a poem for my boyfriend who lost his mother 10 years ago, he said he was with her until she past, this just gave me a look at what it must have been like for him, I'm so sorry for this loss, I haven't lost anyone that close to me, so I cant say I understand, but I am truely sorry

  • Ashleigh by Ashleigh
  • 14 years ago

this touched my heart more than you could possibly imagine. My mother has cancer and it is the scariest thing I have ever experienced. My dad has cancer but I know he's strong but my mom, I'm worried about. I'm 12 and am thankful for this poem. Thank you so much :-) I know how much each moment means with her and this has increased the importance of spending time with her and making her happy. Once again, thank you this has opened up my eyes...

  • Annette Devon by Annette Devon
  • 14 years ago

This poem is just the way I felt when my mum died 4 weeks after being diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I was also with my mum when she died in the hospice and will remember her last breath for ever. We didn't have time to deal with the fact she had cancer as it all happened so quickly. I am so glad I spent every day with her once diagnosed. I would not leave her side at the end as I did not want her to die on her own, knowing I was there for her I hope made her last days special.
Love and miss you mum xxx Annette.

  • Paul by Paul
  • 14 years ago

Aww man, this is some sad stuff. My mum is still alive and all but this really makes me realize what life would be like without her and I'm really really sorry for everyone who has experienced a loss.

  • Jessica by Jessica
  • 14 years ago

My grandma has lung cancer they found something in her lungs but she is not dead yet people at school make fun and say behind my back that they hope she dies and when I over heard it that made me mad cause she is my 1st grandmother I ever had and she means a lot to me

  • Chelsea Keay by Chelsea Keay, Essex England
  • 14 years ago

This poem touched me, I haven't lost my mum or my dad but I lost my little sister 21/12/05 she was my world she meant everything to me, but I had cancer when I was 5 and I survived it, and reading all these comments shows how lucky I am to be here. Sometimes I do wish it was me and not her she was only a baby but life goes on and she will always still be my little sister my best friend my little girl and last but not least she will always be in my heart
RIP Ruby love you xx
Chelsea Keay x

  • Kayla by Kayla
  • 14 years ago

I haven't gone through this, I hope I never will, I cannot imagine living with my mom no longer there. I'm soooooooo very sorry for what happened to you and everyone else that has had to go through the same thing. I don't know how to say that I would do anything to make you feel better

  • Danielle Egan by Danielle Egan
  • 14 years ago

yea my grams died of cancer and so did my grandpa and now it's just passing along to my auntie now and I'm afraid that I'm gonna lose her, but if you stayed strong for your mom then I can stay strong for my's gonna be hard but your poem really touched my heart and open my eyes a lil have a very touching heart..but you stay strong and keep your head up...

  • Kaitlin by Kaitlin, Alabama
  • 14 years ago

I lost my mother to cancer when I was three and a half years old. I can't remember her but this is the way I feel everyday of my life. Your poem expresses everything that goes through my mind everyday. She was young when she passed. I am still in high school and facing it without her hurts.

I just have one question for anyone who has lost their mom how do you deal with the everyday pain?

  • Kasey by Kasey
  • 14 years ago

I am truly touched, you don't know what I'm willing to say to try and make it a bit better, but I know no words could explain my pain hearing your pain, though your mum sounds wonderful, and you are honestly very brave, I'm 13 and I can only imagine how you feel to a extent. I'm sorry for you loss.

Beautiful Poem, to bad it wasn't wrote for a different reason.

always here, xxxx Kasey

Your mum is still with you, don't forget. :)

  • Kim by Kim
  • 14 years ago

Yes, this poem brings me tears, in fact I have kept your poem and shared it in my Facebook, hope you don't mind as it's similar to how I felt.
My mom was diagnosed with cervical cancer and passed away after about 3 months later in July 2008, the same month of my birthday. She survived the Stage 2B 20 years ago, but succumbed this time. I missed her terribly but can't do much.

  • Karla L by Karla L
  • 14 years ago

Wow this poem brings me to tears! I still have my mother and I cant imagine life without her... I am very sorry for your loss. Your poem touched my heart

  • Bianca Russell by Bianca Russell
  • 15 years ago

My mum died of cancer last month, March 15th 2009. She was only 50 years old and diagnosed five months ago with pancreatic and secondary liver cancer. From the moment we found out Time went by way too quickly. Mum was ten days short of meeting her new, and second grandson whom I gave birth to on the 25th March. It has been extremely hard to come to terms with and not having her here to enjoy the precious moments with my new son, I know mum would be proud though. Your poem was beautiful and truly touched my heart. It bought me to tears. I love writing poetry and its my way of expressing my thoughts and feelings, yet I can't bring myself to write about my mum just yet. I miss her so much. Its hard to imagine living my life without my best mother.
I wish you all the very best for the future as I know your loss will forever be hard in someway to accept.
I am truly sorry for the loss of your mother.

  • Anita Tarlao by Anita Tarlao
  • 15 years ago

My mother died of cancer November 21, 2007. She was diagnosed on October 28,2007 so she went way too quickly. Your poem made me cry but it was a good cry. I spent every day with my mother until the day she passed away. We shared some great stories before she passed away and made some wonderful new memories that I will remember for the rest of my life. Thank you for saying exactly what I felt.

  • Kelly Cabral by Kelly Cabral
  • 15 years ago

Your poem made me cry. I just lost my mom to lung cancer and I went thru the exact same thing. Everything you describe is what happened to me. My mom was my very best friend and the one person in this world that I could always count on to be there for me and when I lost my mom a part of me died. I'm so sorry for your loss

  • Kristi by Kristi
  • 15 years ago

wow. this poem was amazing! I loved it. I somewhat relate because my older sister/best friend passed away from cancer. It touched my heart. and I put myself in your shoes. I'm almost in tears. I am so sorry for your loss.

  • Terry by Terry
  • 15 years ago

I have been highly touched by the cancer poem. I lost my mum on 8th Dec 2007. This is one of the saddest moment that is going to remain so for life. I loved her, I miss her so so much and I trust she is peacefully resting away from pain. She suffered quite a lot with Throat Cancer and finally she is finally resting. It was very painful for us.

  • Fridah by Fridah
  • 15 years ago

I lost my mum 2 months ago due to cancer, right now I'm still struggling to come to terms with this loss, my home had always been wherever she was and even during her long illness when she had to spent so much time in the hospital, going to visit her there felt like going home. my mommy fought her illness with a rare courage of faith and though she went at a tender age of 41 I believe she's home with God. I long for her smile, her sense of humor and her advice, counsel and guidance. This poem really touched me, it reminded of mum's last moments which were spent with my dad, I know she felt the love...I miss her but at times I experience the peace that comes whit knowing that she's no longer in pain and that she is forever healed. I await the day I'll meet her again and call her mommy again in eternity..R.I.P

  • Amber by Amber
  • 15 years ago

This poem really touched me. I lost my mom from pancreatic cancer when I was 5. When I was 10 my dad passed away, and just in 2007 I lost my step mom. For everyone out there, spend all the time in the world with your parents. You don't know what you have until its gone.

  • Samaira by Samaira
  • 15 years ago

made me cry! Today I realize how lucky I am to have my both parents by my side. It made me realize the importance my parents. loved it.

  • chryssi by chryssi
  • 15 years ago

this poem has touched me I haven't been through this although you inspire people and can really express yourself you even made me cry

  • TiShawn by TiShawn
  • 15 years ago

this poem really touched my heart because I just lost my mother to cancer dec.3 2008 and I can really relate to those last precious moments that you share.

  • sylvia rodela by sylvia rodela
  • 15 years ago

I'm not good with words but I wanted you to know this is exactly how I felt when my dad passed away several years ago with cancer too. this poem touched me so very much! I cried when reading it because it was exactly what I went through and my daddy was my world. nothing in my life has been the same since. I feel so lonely since he's been gone, I visit his grave a lot, I even talk to him still. if only I could hug him again but one day I will when we meet in the sky with Jesus!
my prayers go out to you!
Sylvia Rodela

  • nick ryan by nick ryan
  • 15 years ago

my mum passed away just yesterday and this poem says everything, still too raw to talk but would just like to thank poet for writing as it touched my heart sooooo much

  • Deanna by Deanna
  • 15 years ago

In 2004 my mom was diagnosed with cervical cancer. She was so determined to not let the cancer beat her and a year later she was cancer free. However, in December of 2007 she took an unexpected turn. We found out that she had a stroke. It was found that she had 2 brain tumors. The cancer had mastitised to her brain which is unheard of, so we are told. A week before Christmas, she underwent brain surgery to have one of the tumors removed. The other tumor was to be treated with chemo. However, the treatments work. She was admitted back to the hospital on June 6, 2008 and June 24, I lost my mother. I was there by her side every day. I was holding her hand and whispering in her ear how much I loved her and still needed her when she took her last breath. I can't think of a more helpless feeling. My heart is forever broken. My mother and I were so very close. I lost my best friend. She is my hero. She was so weak yet she was so strong. This poem touched my heart deeply. RIP

  • Joy by Joy
  • 15 years ago

My mother just died of cancer too. Your poem spoke from my heart, it was beautiful.

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