Spiritual Poem about Nature

Find Your Place Of Peace

Find your place of peace. This poem was inspired by the very scene it describes, the peace of the sun setting over the ocean. Peace you can breathe in. It is one of the most spectacular and spiritual moments you could experience

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Peace In Him

Raelene J. Elliss © more by Raelene J. Elliss

Published: July 20, 2021

Where the ocean meets the sky
The setting colours stun
A picture painted by the Lord
Of the things to come
Gently blows the cool night breeze
Waves rhythmically lap the shore
Grains of sand sculpt and mould
Of the plans that lay before
Breathe deeply in the scene
The sand between your toes
Sculpting your footprint
Of where each step goes
Breathe deeply in the scene
Put your faith in your Father
In all the things unseen



Many years ago my younger brother passed away in a drowning accident at a popular surf beach in South Australia. My heart was broken and the strain of the grief was unbearable. I had no clue how to express how I felt about this tragic loss. One very warm evening I lay awake unable to sleep for the worry in my life. I wrote down my feelings on a scrap of paper and out of that scrawling came my first poem. That was in 1986 now more than 30 years down the track I have probably written 200 or more poems.They have mainly been for my family in celebration of milestone birthdays and Christmas. I developed a knack of picking up a word or a phrase or very funny situation that would inspire a poem. I call my self the Poetic Rambler and sign my poems with this AKA I hope my poems bring joy and inspiration to whom ever reads them. God bless you all

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