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Perfect Ten


Published by Family Friend Poems September 2008 with permission of the Author.

I always thought you'd be tall with red hair
And never knew that sitting next to I'd feel so scared
To say the wrong thing or push you away
But this is reality, for me, this is today
Whenever I'm with you I feel careless and free
But I sit there so calm as you talk with me
I keep my mind on the conversation, and my eye on your heart
If this is a new relationship, we have a good start
We both grow tired and I drop you off at home
And as soon as you leave I feel so alone
I know what I'm feeling but to myself - I deny it
This can't be love already... I simply don't buy it
I pull in the yard and crawl into my bed
I close both of my eyes with thoughts of you in my head
And when I wake up, you're the first thing in mind
So I go to your place... but you're just hard to find
After looking for you and having no luck
I go back home because I've just given up
I sit at my computer and I check my email
I see one from you but I can't believe it's real
You tell me you haven't been able to sleep
And because of our talk you need space to think
You say you're confused about the way that you feel
Because yesterday we were friends, and that was the deal
But when I saw you last night, and in your brown eyes
I could tell that you liked me, and I wanted you to be mine
And it's painful how hearts can change feelings for friends
But I'll give you you're space because you're my perfect ten


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