Just Friends Poem

This is a poetic story of a girl and a guy who were friends, but she lost control of her feelings, and tried to seduce him. In return, he broke their friendship and she wants his forgiveness and their friendship back.

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When Lust Kills


Published: July 2011

How could I?
What a friend I used to have,
he was great and nice and kind and loving,
I killed his trust in me...

How could I?
When lust, they say,
kills the soul...
That burning sense in my heart,
after what I did to him...

That night,
the dark was tempting,
my hands, were so cold,
they needed warmth in a sin...

He was too near to me,
I couldn't say no to myself,
I tried and tried,

He looked at me with despise,
his Sedan that parked out of my crib,
he drove it away from me,
so far away...

If I get a chance to see him again,
I would beg for forgiveness,
to restore back the trust we used to share,
I hope he will love me again,
as how we were before...


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