Life Lesson Poem

Motivation About Making Attempts

Nobody sees the future so hardly are we absolutely sure how things will turn out. But then if we wait till we are before we act, we'd accomplish very little.

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Published: February 19, 2021

We never know if we're right
If we're not willing to be wrong.
We never know how far we'd go
If we never fight hard and long.

No one can learn to walk
When they are not inclined to crawl.
If we want something to stand,
We have to risk letting it fall.

Many are prospects for success
That quietly pass us by
Merely because we're no longer willing
To step out and give it a try.

There are opportunities to fly
We miss sheltered in our cocoon.
Many are chances for a win,
We miss because we quit too soon.

Life stows hard realities.
Mistakes at times, we're bound to make.
But it's also full of possibilities;
It's up to us how much we take.


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