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Few things are more beautiful than a rose in full bloom.

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This poem is my holiday home work .

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Rose In Full Bloom


Published: February 2006

Rambling down a cobbled pathway,
I stumbled upon a wild rose,
Deep garnet red,
Velveteen petals each curled to perfection,
Luminescent and innocently pretty,
A coy damsel oblivious of her beauty,
Fading away unadored and unsung,
Looking at me, she blushed
I stood love stung, adoring her,
Borrowed a steam bearing a bud
Planted her proudly in my garden,
Ever day, day after day,
I watched my rose break out of its chrysalis,
Groomed it with devout care,
Nurturing it with fertilizer,
Admiring it with every moment,
Watching it grown and come into full bloom,
Tall and elegant till it grew
And looked down on me!



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  • by Shahbaz Khan, Oman
  • 3 years ago

This poem is my holiday home work .

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