True Love Poem

Love Without Conditions

This poem was first composed as a song. It speaks of love in its most meaningful form, as a giving. In return, the ask is the simplest of requests...

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Save A Kiss

Joseph Iacobellis ©

Published by Family Friend Poems February 22, 2024 with permission of the Author.

anywhere you ever wish to go
that's the place I'll take you to
anything you would ever want to be
I'll make every wish come true

anywhere there's a chance for serenity
I'll see that it gets to you
anything that your heart just can't tolerate
I'll remove it from your view
anytime your tears start to challenge you
I'll turn them into morning dew

tell me that the clouds are depressing you
I'll exchange them for sun and blue sky
ask me why the days start to slip away
I'll carry you to a land without time

lay down your head at the end of the hardest day
I'll bring you dreams of islands divine
and if you'd be lost and alone in pain
I'll carve a path to a world sublime

anywhere for you
anything for you
anytime for you
but save a kiss for me...


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