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© more by Coral Leffew

Published by Family Friend Poems March 2009 with permission of the Author.

No one always tells the truth,
Everyone likes better to lie,
No one keeps their promises,
That they would keep me alive,
No one wants to see the tears,
But they're not afraid to make,
No one wants to watch me crumble,
Though honesty they'll fake

Why does everything I love get torn from me?
I'm sure you've heard a hundred times,
But sorrow please let me be,
Just a day I want to live that I don't think of home,
Because here I'm by myself a lot,
Once I was never alone,

You'd think by now these impressions would fade,
But they're set here to linger,
I have self inflicted scars from my elbow to my finger,
Nothing ever happens, no one even sees,
That behind this curtain is the broken, bloodied me,

It's true I write with anger and sadness,
For of all my emotions those are strongest,
This deep, deep, resentment towards the world,
For making me a woman when I want to be a girl,
I loved planting trees and watching scary tv,
Now I'm afraid to go outside, hate's like angry bees,

And no one seems to notice,
No one seems to care,
They've heard this story,
Too many times,
To give a single hair,
Well I know that this will fade,
After all it's just hormones, right?
I really hope my teacher wasn't lying that night,
That one day these cuts will leave,
On another way,
I hope someday I'll find my smile,
That seemed to run away.


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