Snow Poem

A Dreamy Poem About Winter

I started writing poetry about three months ago on the request from a friend. The more I wrote, the more I enjoyed it and the words seemed to just come to me. I had taken Creative Writing and a Literature course in college but never thought about poetry. My passion is to give to the less fortunate children of the world. Child Help is an organization I much admire, and if ever I could publish I would donate most of the proceeds to this organization.

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Snow Dream


Published by Family Friend Poems October 2008 with permission of the Author.

I feel wet snow
on my cold, dry skin
as the darkness falls
to settle in.
The stars shine bright
to lead my way
through tall, snow covered trees
which bend and sway.
I know not where I came from
or where I will go,
while strange noises crunch
the new fallen snow.
I have no fears
of this strange, dark place
where sounds surround me
without a face.
The night goes on peacefully
dark and slow,
with all beauty shining
as a glistening glow.
I have been here before
though I know not when.
As sure as I know
I will be here again.
A place that is quiet,
safe, comforting me,
while the icy brook flows
'round a sweet smelling tree.
I feel wet snow
on my warm, soft skin.
It is this dark place
that I want to be in.
Then I open my eyes
and it all floats away,
as bright warm sun shines
on a brand new day.
Window panes covered
in sparkling frost,
remind me of a beautiful thing
I have lost.
My heart tells me in hours
this day will be past,
when the nighttime comes
to me slowly at last.
I am back in the snow
so pristine and clean.
Sadness shows me I've found
this was only a dream.


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