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Poem About Physical Abuse From Father

This poem tells a sad story of a little girl who is abused by her father but is convinced it is because she has done wrong. When the doctor's ask her where she got the bruises she tells them she did it to herself.

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I’m so sorry you were hurt at 4 and you’re still in pain at 15. I am 55, and I have been where you are, abused, broken, tossed aside, unloved, and unwanted. I found help through a Christian...

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Sorry Daddy


Published by Family Friend Poems July 2006 with permission of the Author.

You call me names,
You curse me out,
When I make you mad,
You scream and shout,
I know you love me,
and I know you care,
there's times when you show it,
but those times are rare,
I hardly get to see you,
but the times that I do,
You're either drunk or high,
but Daddy.. I still love you,
You hit me a lot,
but it's because I do you wrong,
I must do you wrong plenty,
since these bruises stay for so long
I keep my feelings
locked up inside,
the bruises and scars,
I try to hide,
When the doctor asked,
who gave these bruises to me
I didn't tell them it was you Daddy
I told them it was me,
I don't know if they believed me,
but they put this needle in my arm,
Daddy I pray that when I'm gone they will do you no harm,
Daddy I'm getting scared,
I look around
and you're no where to be found
as I take my very last breath,
I go peacefully, without you, to my death.

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  • Melanie by Melanie
  • 6 years ago

This poem described my entire life except that no one knew what had happened until a few years ago. I was 4, now I'm 15, yet the memories still haunt me. Someone please let me know when it starts to get better...

  • Christina by Christina
  • 6 years ago

I’m so sorry you were hurt at 4 and you’re still in pain at 15. I am 55, and I have been where you are, abused, broken, tossed aside, unloved, and unwanted. I found help through a Christian counseling program at my church in my 30s. The book was called 12 Steps a Spiritual Journey. I worked through my horrible pain and nightmares and had others to talk to who understood my pain, and I drew strength from them! My parents never changed. No love or acceptance, only rejection. I had to change! I couldn't change those who hurt me. I had to find my own healing, and I received love from God and my husband. There is hope. There is help. You didn't deserve your pain. Find a support group or counselor that treats your type of trauma. It is so important you find your tribe…those who can understand and care for your broken heart. I wish you love and health and a heart that causes love in your life and not pain. You deserve to be loved!

  • Mclyne August Carr by Mclyne August Carr
  • 7 years ago

She always smelled of cigarette smoke and cheap perfume. She barely brushed her hair, because depression had trapped her in her bed. Her showers consisted of letting the warm water hitting her back, trying to make sense on why her father left and her sister wouldn't get better. She hated the idea of a man seeing her naked body without tumbling just to make it to the bedroom. She couldn't go in the back room because all she saw was the hole in the wall from the night her father was no longer a man. He was no longer a father when his soft touch became hurtful hits. She hated the summer months, because that's when her mother had gone away. Vacation they all said, but I knew she stopped breathing that night. Her father brought home strange women and locked her in her room, causing her to stare at a reflection she no longer knew, ripping apart her skin, trying to see what was really on the inside. People looked at her as an old book, fearing to open but some did despite the damage.

  • New York by New York
  • 10 years ago

I hear the cars go by, I hear the smiles, but I don't hear love. Beaten, torn down, I try and run, but things get worse, first it was my arms, then it was my legs, then my face. When I look in the mirror I don't see my reflection. all I see is the sorrow I wonder what I did to deserve it. I wonder if there is hope if so, I need it the most. I lost my arm. Lost my virginity to my father, lost all hope and soon I know I'll lose my life. This is not a cry for help this is not a fake. This is a poem of saddens and sorrow don't feel bad I probably did something to deserve it. Wondering what it was I did.

  • Liz by Liz
  • 9 years ago

You didn't do anything to deserve this! You are an amazing person, and I plan on meeting you someday. All you have to do is reach out to someone to get help. It may not seem easy but you can do it. If you even read this, and you think that I'm wrong, if you can't do it for yourself then do it for me. For other kids who can't. You can. I believe in you. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!! Please. Get some help. If I knew how I would do it for you. This is real. I FREAKING LOVE YOU!!!!!!

  • Olivia by Olivia
  • 10 years ago

I just can't stop crying. Sometimes I think to myself, why wasn't it me who died? Those children should live longer and should still be alive. Their parents are still alive and in a good condition while their children are dead. They should be in jail not at home watching TV and not thinking about their children who are dead. God please protect the parents here on earth and their children up in heaven.

  • Charlotte by Charlotte
  • 11 years ago

I hate Child Abuse - it's sick. Absolutely sick. How can people, PARENTS< do that to their kids? If they don't want a child either get an abortion or put the poor child up for adoption but abusing them and murdering them... No child deserves to be hurt by their parents :( your poem was amazing, very moving... X

  • Kyra Welsh by Kyra Welsh
  • 11 years ago

I relate to this poem because I went through something pretty much the same with my mum. I now live with my dad and I couldn't be happier. I felt trapped when I lived with my mum and I though I would never get help. Moving changed my life and hopefully it will change yours for the better. Stay strong and live your life to the extreme because you only live once keep your head held high because you haven't done anything wrong.

  • P.M. North America by P.M. North America
  • 12 years ago

I thought this was very moving!!!!! It makes me think about how lucky people are that don't have to go through this kind of thing....... I came close to this with my ex-step dad and it's not fun........I really feel bad for Guyana.... nobody should ever go thought that!!!!!! Very sorry to everybody else who went through this!! Well, thanks for putting this poem together!!!!!!!!!!!!!,

  • Guyana by Guyana, South America
  • 12 years ago

I've never been abused sexually but physically and mentally I know it all I'm 19 now and I've grown I'm not abused physically anymore. But up until the age of 16+ I was abused my dad used wire, cutlass, rope and anything he could put his hands on to beat me and my six other siblings... During my years of abuse I packed my bag at least 10 times but never moved. I cried reading these stories ... I just want them to know they are not alone. We feel your pain and we love you. Just writing shows your strength keep on doing what you do my fellow victims of abuse.

  • Makayla by Makayla, Massachusetts
  • 12 years ago

Wow! I write poetry and people say I have a gift but compared to you I sound like a little kid without any talent. This is amazing and made me cry for hours. This happened to my friend...she got abused and they locked her in a mental facility because of the marks

  • Willow by Willow, London
  • 13 years ago

This was so touching. I know that whoever this was written for/about went through a lot. I used to feel like this myself - like everything was my fault.
I think this is the best poem I've ever read and ever will read, it's so emotional and special. I love it. Thank you for writing it, it must have been an emotional time.

  • Monica by Monica, Detroit
  • 14 years ago

OMG....this is breath taking who ever this is about I feel so sorry for.. Words can't explain how she must have been feeling I never been through it but I was close. Wow, just wow!

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