Love Poem about Marriage

How Would You Describe The Word Love

I wrote this poem to read at my cousin's wedding. It is what I think love is.

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Love Is ....

© more by Ilona M. Blake

Published by Family Friend Poems January 1, 2024 with permission of the Author.

So what is love? What does it mean?
People say 'I love you' in many ways, each and every day
To their partners, even their animals,
to their family and friends along the way.

Love is ..... a four letter word that everyone here  would easily know how to spell
But to describe it there are many factors
one must consider as well.

Love is .....the obvious, if we asked a young child
they might say it's being kind, gentle and caring,
Sacrificing  the very last Tim Tam in the packet
we refer to as giving and sharing.

Love is .... so much more than this
and in a relationship it's definitely a must
Love is ..... honesty, understanding,
acceptance, respect and a whole lot of trust.

Love is ......being transparent, being vulnerable, being faithful and forever true
It's sometimes having  to spend a day
alone without you

Love is .....raising a family
It may be two of you, it could be ten,
It can also be continually doing that one tedious chore for someone, over and over again.

Love is ..... not always easy, it can cause problems
or an altercation 
But love is learning how to find a solution together through communication

Love is .....a roller coaster ride
That will definitely have its ups and downs
And twists and turns and  bumpy sections
filled with smiles and even some frowns

Love is ....seeing the person next to you
who is ready by your side
To make the journey with you and accompany you on life's rocky roller coaster ride.

Love is …..  not to taken for granted because sadly it can disappear
It is in trying times you must really use love to help you conquer all sadness and fear.

Love is ….. definitely a powerful word that is made up of so many parts
We hope that love continues to grow and blossom nestled within your hearts.


more by Ilona M. Blake

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