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Poem About Trouble Hailing a Taxi

I was trying something new, I and asked my partner to say the first word that came into his head. Of course, he said "Taxi," and I came up with this short poem.
I hope you all like it. I would love some feedback.
Thank You,
Misty Elizabeth Bennett.

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Taxi Taxi


Published: May 2014

I put my thumb up to hail a cab,
but they never stop and it drives me mad!
I've lived in this City for a very long time,
Yellow is always crossing my mind.
Is it too much to ask for a little sympathy,
and for a darm cab to actually stop for me?
I would shout and wave and rant and rave,
but still I'd wait here from seven to eight!
Then one day on first wave a driver noticed,
and after all these years I was quickly acknowledged!
I sighed and bent to grab my suitcase fast,
looked up and the cab was nearing, at last!
But back to reality, I must have been daft.
it wasn't me he saw, and drove straight past.


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