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Hiding Grief

Three people who were very close to me and my family suddenly died. I felt like I had to help my family get through this and be positive, so I pretended to be happy and never told anyone how I felt, and now 6 years later I'm still crying most nights because I've never properly dealt with their death, and still nobody knows. This is also my first ever poem and I'm only a kid, so take that into consideration when you read it.

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First, I am profoundly sorry for the loss you've had to endure. Please take comfort in knowing you are not alone. Yours is the only poem that spoke clearly to my heart. So well put. The...

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My Mask

© more by Ellie Nazza

Published by Family Friend Poems June 2011 with permission of the Author.

Every morning I wake up and put on a mask.
The mask makes everything seem all right,
But they don't know I cry at night.
The nightmares just won't go away.
If only I knew it was your last day.
For six years I've felt this pain.
The feeling just won't go away.
Everyone thinks I've dealt with your death the best,
But without this mask I'd be a mess.


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  • J G by J G
  • 2 years ago

Sometimes wearing a mask is easier than feeling the pain. Once the mask comes off, it all feels too real. I had people in my family die, as people do. What's worse is someone who's meant to be your father chooses to leave. With his only explanation being I'm just better off...without your burden. While longing for someone close to us that's no longer around is painful beyond compare, if it brings any comfort keep this in mind: That beloved person would make every choice over again that led them to you. Because they love you, and people will do anything for love. So while I go through the motions, I'm unsure if taking the mask off anymore is even worth it. Everyone needs me to be strong for them when they can't be, which is more often than not. Everyone needs me to deal with their issues for them because they don't know how to...all I can think of is why me? Why us?

  • AshenLady by AshenLady
  • 3 years ago

First, I am profoundly sorry for the loss you've had to endure. Please take comfort in knowing you are not alone. Yours is the only poem that spoke clearly to my heart. So well put. The words are the ones I wish I could say, and I'm a very grown adult! My best friend in all my life passed away 64 days ago, but to the world we were simply "work friends." So, I go to the same job, same office, week after week, and I put on my mask every day to deal with it. Everyone at work has continued on like it's all okay now, like my friend simply retired or moved to a new job. But it's not okay. Not for me. And I cry each day. For a first poem, you nailed it. Thank you for putting into words what I could not. Continue writing, young one, you do have a gift.

  • Natasha Ritah by Natasha Ritah
  • 4 years ago

I, too, lost my dad. It has now been seven years ago, but it still feels like yesterday. I was at school, but when my family came for me, I knew something was wrong even before they told me. They do not know how badly I was affected because I always wear a mask. That way I avoid questions even though I still dream about my dad.

  • Pearl by Pearl
  • 4 years ago

I've had a lot of recent loss lately. It started two years ago in April when my one grandfather died. Last April my cat died. And then later into last year, one of my family's dogs died, my other 2 grandfathers, and my little puppy, all within 3-4 months. I've kept my emotions well-hidden around my family members and friends because I feel the need to be strong around them. But when I'm alone, I let my mask of fake emotions fade away. Reading this poem really helped me tonight. Thank you.

  • DaVette Law by DaVette Law
  • 5 years ago

I wear a mask every day. After my mother’s death, everyone thought I handled it the best. I cry at night and pretend I'm all right. My friends know the depressing story, and I know the guilty feeling. The night before she died she said to me, "Oh DaVette, you've poisoned me." I gave her a marshmallow, she felt sick, went into the trailer, went home early. I was at school, and I was sent home. I was confused that there was an ambulance outside. I felt like it was my fault. I hid in my room in fear that I had done something wrong. At the funeral, I couldn't even face her casket. I can't visit her grave without sobbing. The mask helps me and my friends.

  • Verna by Verna
  • 6 years ago

Thank you. I, too, think people want and need me to be strong. I hide my feelings a lot, but losing my soulmate husband a year ago has devastated me.

Wow, dear author of this heart-saddening poem, you may be a child in age, not so in your maturity level and your spirit. Taking on all that grief alone and hidden is hard indeed. I think it is wonderful you are finally coming to terms with your grief through this beautiful poem. I understand first-hand about the kind of grief you are experiencing and trying to hide your own sad feelings of loss and heartache to be strong for your other loved ones, but then I am a heck of a lot older than you. I admire your courage, but you need to allow yourself to grieve now. Beautiful poem!

  • Brittany Rivera by Brittany Rivera
  • 6 years ago

Great poem. I really like it. I can tell you wrote this poem from your heart.

  • Cricket LImes by Cricket LImes
  • 6 years ago

My Mask is very resonating. I lost my very best friend of 30 years to cancer in 2012, and still I wear that mask daily. It's not easy, but we communicate through the thoughts that we write. Thank you for sharing.

  • Ian Collins by Ian Collins
  • 7 years ago

My brother died 12 years ago...every day I, too, put on my mask and go out into a world that he no longer can. Love the living around you whilst you can. You are not alone. If we ever meet you will know me by my mask. Ian

  • Marieke by Marieke
  • 7 years ago

Six years ago, my only grandmother died. I was devastated. I'm still thinking about her every day. I think I never properly dealt with her death. I just miss her so much. I find so much recognition in your poem. Thank you for this.

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