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Warning For Loved Ones Using Drugs

How drugs can impact your life. Stop addiction for family or friends.

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The Drug


Published by Family Friend Poems March 2008

Have you ever been tempted?
Have you ever wanted to try?
The things I will say
May cause you to cry.

The things that can happen
If you ever take a drug,
You'll always be tired
You'll be slow as a slug.

There are so many illnesses
sure to be caught,
Your lungs,
Your heart, and
Your brain will rot.

If you ever take drugs
You will never turn back.
Wealth, and
Looks you surely will lack.

You will be trapped forever
under the spell,
of cocaine, marijuana,
and others to tell.

Take a single drug
you'll only want more,
Temptations, temptations
Coming straight through the door.

If you avoid taking drugs
Fame and riches you could get,
But if you're not convinced
not a single need would be met.

They'll run you out of town.
They won't want you back.
The only place you can live
Is a small, rundown shack.

If you are still taking drugs,
I know you're a fool.
Back then they were popular;
Now they're not cool.

Or any other reason
You're consuming drugs
Is worse than even treason.

But If still you're not convinced
I don't know what else to say,
Just that drugs can conquer
The life you live today.


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