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I cope with my anxiety and depression by writing. Enjoy.

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The Fire

© more by Sarah Gray

Published: February 23, 2019

The fire that rages
from within my rib cage is
weakening the bones
that should make me strong.
The feeling creeps for every dark place.
It fills up my head; it's invading my space.
It's melting me from inside; I think I'm burning up.
I can't breathe or move or talk. I'm hopelessly stuck.
As people pass by, they give no second glance.
I cry out for help; this is my chance.
The fire claws at my throat; it's burning my tongue.
I think it's too late for help; the damage is done.
I down some water, which brings calmness and peace.
The fire has settled for a minute, at least.
Eventually it's burning as hot as before.
The fire rages back up from my very core.
The fire inside is one you can't see.
The fire inside, it's my anxiety.



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