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The Self-Defeating Consequences Of Jealousy

I've known jealous people and have found that they're sometimes their own worst enemy. In jealousy's extreme state, a person can become unreasonable, obsessive, possessive, suspicious and even abusive. What a jealous person fails to realize is that their relentless behavior is denying them the very person and feelings of love they desire.

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The Jealous Heart

© more by Belinda Stotler

Published by Family Friend Poems June 21, 2022 with permission of the Author.

Jealousy is such an ugly beast,
Consuming in a ruthless feast,
Every thought of rational notions
Or capacity for gentler emotions,
Filling the heart with resentment
That denies it any contentment.

Jealousy born from inane fictions,
Rains down its cruel maledictions
On the victim of its ravenous rage.
It tries the skills of the wisest sage
To end jealousy's condemnation,
Saving its author from damnation.

The jealous person's egoistic infection
Is a fear of losing another's affection.
Their mind is consumed with emotion,
Demanding they have total devotion.
A jealous heart is a foe that conspires
Against the very one it deeply desires.

The jealous heart can turn to hate,
Authoring its own indignant fate.
For jealousy finds it hard to bear
The joy and love others can share.
So, a jealous heart will foolishly steal
Away all the love that it longs to feel.


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